Alkermes: Lilly may dump inhaled insulin program

Alkermes says it wants to push ahead with a broad late-stage study of its inhaled insulin program, even though it believes that Eli Lilly is preparing to pull out of their collaboration deal. Alkermes issued a statement saying that Eli Lilly "is evaluating its business case for AIR Insulin and Alkermes expects Lilly to make a decision to discontinue the program in the next week. Alkermes is not aware of any safety, efficacy, or manufacturing issues that have arisen regarding AIR Insulin since Lilly's last public update on the program."

Lilly has recruited thousands of patients for a number of trials of the inhales insulin, according to Alkermes, harvesting encouraging safety and efficacy data along the way. Alkermes say its seeking an update from Lilly on the status of the trials.

- check out the press release from Alkermes

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