Affimed's second VC round to fund cancer programs

Germany's Affimed Therapeutics raised $32 million in its second round. Much of that money will be used to finance the clinical development of its leading programs for Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Affimed also plans to advance additional pre-clinical antibody programs in various other oncology and anti-inflammatory indications. BioMedInvest, OrbiMed Advisors and Life Sciences Partners all participated in the consortium.

"Attracting these top-tier international investors represents a strong validation of Affimed's unique and highly versatile alternative approach to conventional antibody technologies as well as its advanced product pipeline. We are now in an excellent position to advance the clinical development of our lead antibodies into Phase II for the treatment of cancer," said Rolf H. Guther, MD PhD, CEO of Affimed.

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