Advanced Clinical Announces BioStat Solutions as a Core Member of its Strategic Advisory Ecosystem

BANNOCKBURN, Ill.-(PRWEB) January 19, 2011-Advanced Clinical, a leading provider of clinical research services, announces BioStat Solutions, Inc. (BSSI) as a core member of its strategic advisory ecosystem.

As a strategic advisor organization, BSSI (, a statistical consulting corporation, brings to Advanced Clinical its specialized experience in personalized medicine and adaptive trial design. Additionally, BSSI provides statistical expertise with an integrated approach; a collaborative spirit in design; and an analysis and interpretation of drug, device and biologic studies. These core competencies contribute toward BSSI's ultimate goal of developing tailored therapeutics, devices and biologics with practical utility, which includes design and execution of complex studies such as adaptive designs, vaccine trials and studies relating to genetic biomarker approvals.

"We share many of our key objectives with Advanced Clinical," said Ronald Bromley, CEO of BioStat Solutions. "Both companies strive towards excellence and are not satisfied with mediocrity. These traits are not easy to find, and BSSI believes we have found it in Advanced Clinical."

Notable accomplishments include BSSI's key partnership in the approval of a recent labeling change relating to personalized medicine as well as the approval of a major drug that involved a substantial pharmacogenomic component as part of its approval. Another key partnership includes two recent 510k approvals for BSSI clients that involved substantial analytical complexity.

"We strive to come alongside our clients to clarify statistical questions relating to their studies," said Ena Bromley, PhD, President and Chief Scientific Officer of BioStat Solutions. "We help them to cross the bridge between their data and the statistical analysis that they require."

"BioStat Solutions brings a distinctive, specialized expertise in personalized medicine and adaptive trials that enhance Advanced Clinical's client solutions," said Rosemarie Truman, Executive Vice President of Advanced Clinical. "We are honored to have them as part of our strategic ecosystem."

About Advanced Clinical: Advanced Clinical provides consulting services, strategic sourcing (CRO), talent management, and technology solutions to the Life Sciences industry. With 15+ years of experience, Advanced Clinical is an established presence in the clinical research field, providing services specifically for Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device organizations. Advanced utilizes a value-based, "One Team" approach. To learn more, visit

About BioStat Solutions, Inc.: BioStat Solutions, Inc. is a US-based statistical consulting corporation, serving established and start-up pharmaceutical, biotechnical, governmental and research industries worldwide. We offer assistance in designing, managing, interpreting and executing biomarker studies and clinical trials. Our in-house staff includes biostatisticians, statistical geneticists and IT specialists, with experience in both management and analytical consulting.  Founded in 2001, the company's primary mission is to bridge the gap between clinical data and clinical practice. In an era of high-throughput data generation, BSSI works with clinical investigators to transform complexity into clarity and ultimately improving patient care.  As the scientific community attempts to integrate a patient's genetic profile into the therapeutic decision making process, BSSI has been at the forefront of personalized medicine as a contributing participant of the Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group and member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition.  To learn more, visit