Advanced BioNutrition and Centrovet Sign Global Agreement

Oral Vaccine With Patented Delivery System Controls Lethal Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus

COLUMBIA, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Advanced BioNutrition Corp. (ABN), a leader in providing science-based solutions to improve health and nutrition, announced today that it has signed a global agreement with Centrovet Laboratories, Santiago, Chile, to expand the delivery of oral vaccines to aid in the prevention of Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISAV) and, potentially, other diseases in salmonid species. The vaccine is delivered via commercial salmon feed by means of ABN’s patented delivery systems.

“This is a significant agreement for both ABN and Centrovet,” said Larry Loehr, president of ABN delivery technologies. “This is the first global expansion of ABN’s technologies, and this is Centrovet’s first venture outside of Chile.”

ABN and Centrovet initially signed an agreement in March 2009 when Centrovet Laboratories received a registration for a freeze-dried, oral-powder vaccine to aid in the prevention of Salmon Rickettsial Syndrome (SRS) in Chilean salmonid species. The ABN technology allows commercial fish farmers to deliver the antigen in effective and efficient new ways to induce an effective immune response in salmonid species. In addition to Chile, initial application for this oral vaccine will be in Norway, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, the United States and Canada.

“It is expected that the use of the vaccine, in conjunction with proper disease management, will significantly reduce the losses due to this ISAV pathogen,” said David Farcas, CEO, Centrovet. “Importantly, it also provides a needed tool in better fish health management, the subject of much concern in global aquaculture.” Losses have been reduced to less than 30 percent using this system.

ABN’s patented technologies capture the active ingredient, acting to stabilize, protect, and efficiently deliver the product to its final target site of action. In addition to targeted feeding in aquatic applications, the system can be used for the delivery of probiotics, omega-3 oils, vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, and amino acids for human nutrition and industrial applications.

“This shows the proactive approach of ABN’s scientists. They focus on solving customers’ specific problems as they relate to protecting, stabilizing, and/or delivering active ingredients into vaccines, feed, food, and seed products,” said Loehr. “An innovative portfolio of technologies is available, which when adapted to solve specific problems, enables other technologies to emerge that will facilitate product development, processing, or performance more efficiently and effectively, while enhancing or improving human and animal health.”

ABN’s technologies go beyond encapsulation. Working with Centrovet’s technology team to understand market needs, ABN developed a unique, patented technology to protect, stabilize and deliver the active vaccine to the appropriate location. ABN has shown that vaccines behave differently depending on the application but are protected, stabilized, and delivered as required through ABN’s patented technologies.

The unique process is the result of a multi-year research and development effort by ABN. It is the latest advance in precision delivery technologies, offering significant benefits to nutritional scientists, product development engineers, and ingredient manufacturers.

The oral vaccine has shown effective control of this virulent pathogen. Centrovet’s injectable ISAV vaccine platform is adaptable in that it can be delivered orally or through direct injections of the vaccine into the immature salmon. It requires follow-up applications during the salmon’s period of development and maturation.

Centrovet scientists developed the specific antibodies produced against the ISAV pathogen. They then documented the decline of protection provided by the primary vaccine and determined precisely when to administer the vaccine to the developing fish. This regimen has been incorporated into the overall fish vaccination program used by Chilean fish farmers. Centrovet believes this technology, combined with the delivery processes developed for their vaccine by ABN, can be expanded beyond Chile to fish farming across Norway, the Faroe Islands, Scotland, the United States, and Canada.

Centrovet Laboratories is a Chilean Research & Development company focused on animal health and pharmaceutical applications. Based in Santiago, Centrovet employs 110 veterinarians, chemists, and other scientists who are developing new solutions to major global animal health problems.

Advanced BioNutrition Corporation (, Columbia, MD USA, is a privately-held research and development company. Its scientists work alongside customers, using a collaborative approach focused on adapting ABN’s proprietary technologies to resolve specific product issues and formulation challenges to better protect, stabilize, and/or deliver sensitive bioactives. ABN is continually creating a portfolio of technologies that can be customized for use in industrial, human, plant, and animal applications, including animal health oral vaccines, carotenoids, human and animal dietary supplements, gastric protection, agricultural inoculant applications, and invasive species management. All of ABN’s technologies employ patented and patent-pending embedding processes using materials acceptable for customers’ stewardship and regulatory needs.


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