Acorda shares soar on late-stage MS data

Shares of Acorda skyrocketed after the company reported a successful outcome of its Phase III trial of Fampridine-SR for multiple sclerosis. Researchers found that a statistically significant number of patients in the trial reported improvements in walking speed, the primary endpoint in the trial. Hawthorne, NY-based Acorda plans to seek talks with the FDA on how to proceed with the drug.

The average increase in walking speed over the treatment period compared to baseline was 25.2 percent for the drug group vs. 4.7 percent for the placebo group. Increased response rate on the Timed 25-Foot Walk was seen across all four major types of MS. In addition, statistically significant increases in leg strength were seen in both the Fampridine-SR Timed Walk responders (p<0.001) and the Fampridine-SR Timed Walk non-responders (p=0.046) compared to placebo.

- see the release on the trial data