Abbott loses $1.67B patent fight with J&J; Jerini cuts preclinical ops;

> It's the patent judgment to end all patent judgments. A federal jury in Texas said Abbott Laboratories should pay some $1.7 billion to Johnson & Johnson for copycatting its blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis drug Remicade. Report

> After failing to find a buyer for its preclinical assets, Jerini announced that it will cut 45 workers. Report

> Alameda, CA-based Celera is licensing five cancer-related targets that Bayer Schering will use to detect and identify tumors. Specific financial terms of the deal, which includes in vivo diagnostic imaging developed by Celera, were not disclosed. Report

> Paladin Labs agreed to buy a bundle of products currently marketed in Canada by U.S. drugmaker Wyeth to boost its over-the-counter portfolio. Report

Research News

> An animal study is shedding new light on the complicated chemistry of the brain, and how a drug intended to do one thing can have entirely unintended consequences. Report

> A group of researchers at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh have been developing a novel approach to preventing the onset of Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes report

> A key protein that plays a critical role in nicotine addiction--the alpha-7 receptor--could also be a key player in the fight against obesity, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and a long list of other such ailments. Report

Pharma News

> Don't panic about Tamiflu, Roche says--and the CDC agrees. Both the drugmaker and the agency say they still consider the antiviral med effective against the H1N1 flu circulating the globe, despite news that a Danish patient proved resistant to the drug. Tamiflu report

> Are expensive cancer drugs a contemporary version of the emperor's new clothes? The Journal of the National Cancer Institute says they just might be. After analyzing data from existing studies, researchers found that some of the costliest drugs in medicine only prolong patient's lives by months, or even weeks. Report

> Analysts are increasingly skeptical of Biogen Idec, as each weekly Tysabri update turns up another patient with the potentially deadly brain infection PML. Report

And Finally... Researchers for Australia's EnGeneIC have outlined a strikingly successful new approach to conquering cancer. In several preclinical studies the scientists injected minicells into animals which are designed to deliver a payload of toxins and gene inhibitors and are coated with an antibody that latches on to tumor cells. In one recent study all the mice implanted with a tumor were free of tumor cells after a 70-day treatment period. Report