AB-Biotics allies with Derbycare to launch pediatric probiotic in China

AB-Biotics allies with Derbycare to launch pediatric probiotic in China

·  Derbycare will launch in the first half of  2015 a product for infantile colic developed by the Spanish biotech company

·  The Chinese firm will develop three new clinical studies for the product

·  Derbycare and its research institute, leader in pediatric nutrition in China, will also collaborate with AB-Biotics to develop new pediatric products

Barcelona (Spain), 20th February 2015.- The Spanish biotech company AB-Biotics and  Derbycare  have signed an agreement to launch in China a product for gastropediatric health. Derbycare will launch the product, called AB-Kolicare, in the first half of 2015.

Derbycare will develop in 2015 three new clinical trials with a minimum of 3,000 patients to further substantiate the proven health benefits of AB-Kolicare. The consumption of AB-Kolicare during only 14 days reduces the excessive daily crying in 67.5 % in subjects with a daily crying duration between 60 and 240 minutes, according to clinical trial developed by AB-Biotics.

Derbycare and AB-Biotics will also collaborate for the research and development of new probiotic formulas and food supplement rich in probiotics for infants to market in China and other markets.

Derbycare owns a leading research institute in the field of pediatric nutrition, with an independent expert committee and an advisory team including representatives from major Chinese public and private hospitals. They are authoritative experts in the field of infant nutrition and clinical medicine, with the most comprehensive academic influence in pediatrics and nutrition in China. The MIHC scientific laboratory of Derbycare cooperates closely with the top Children Medical Centers and Perinatology Institutions in China, for a comprehensive research and clinical observation on the maternity and infant health.

"This agreement allows AB-Biotics to enter the Chinese pediatric market with an excellently positioned partner that will also allow us to develop new innovative solutions thanks to its excellent research institute", said Miquel Angel Bonachera and Sergi Audivert, CEOs of AB-Biotics.

"Derbycare experts believe in the positive influence of AB-Biotics' safe and premium probiotics on the health of pregnant mothers and infants. Derbycare will work closely with AB-Biotics to promote the probiotic products among the maternity and 0-3 infant population in China, a 70 million population who know little about probiotics and seldom use them. This is a huge opportunity", said Jason Shen, Executive Director of Derbycare.

AB-Kolicare, developed by AB-Biotics, is a formula based on probiotics -Live microorganisms naturally present in the human intestine- specifically designed for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems in children.

About AB-Biotics

AB-Biotics is a biotechnology company focused on research, development, protection and distribution of biotech unique solutions to improve the health and well-being of people. Its areas of activity include the development of pharmacogenetic tests for neuropsychiatry, and probiotics and other functional ingredients for the food and pharmaceutical industries. AB-Biotics is listed on the Spanish Alternative Investment Market (MAB). More information: www.ab-biotics.com.

About Derbycare

Derbycare is a leading Chinese company focused on pregnant women and babies health nutritional food segment. There are several key business departments in Derbycare, such as CI Clinical Medical Service, MIHC Scientific Laboratory, MIHC Medical Market, MIHC Health Application Product, etc. With the motto "Transfer the science & technology into love", Derbycare is committed to the research and promotion of the nutrition and care products, rigorous medical advices and abundant application product support services, and personalized comprehensive health solutions for the maternity and infant population. In the probiotic field, the company commercializes in the Chinese market products from leading international companies such as Zmarto from Hutchinson Whampoa Limited, the No. 1 brand for the pregnant women and infant products,  which has been in the market for over 10 years; the probiotic BB12 from Christian Hansen and AB-Kolicare, from AB-Biotics.

More information about Derbycare: http://www.derbycare.com/#!science-to-love/c17di

More information about Hutchinson Whampoa Limited: http://www.hutchison-whampoa.com/en/global/home.php

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