In a makeover, Quintiles to invest more in experimental drugs

Quintiles is giving itself a makeover. The Durham, NC-based CRO has adopted a new strategy, adding new services, a new logo and launching a new marketing campaign. And it's willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Quintiles says it is willing to invest more in experimental therapies, which will increase its risk while offering the chance of better returns.

"We're just trying to meet their new needs and address the transformation going on in biopharma," said chief operating officer John Ratliff. "We started off trying to be the right hand of pharma. Now we're the right arm of pharma and we want to be a full partner."

It's a fast-changing CRO world, says Ratliff. And Quintiles wants to continue to be a leader. "There probably will continue to be consolidation in the industry," Ratliff said. "The big will get stronger and the smart will become even bigger. Smaller niche players will be the ones to go away."

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