5 emerging biotech IT firms to watch

It's been about four months since FierceBiotechIT highlighted 5 emerging companies in the eClinical field. Since then, we've talked to many more interesting providers of software for the life sciences market. Some of them have been covered in these pages while others have been flying under the radar.

This report gives FierceBiotechIT a chance to feature 5 software groups that are addressing a range of different needs for biotechs and other life sciences firms. Here you'll find a Silicon Valley upstart taking on big competitors with new technology for integrating data from disparate sources and providing developers with insights about their clinical trials. There's a Boston-area company using advanced analytics to spot biomarkers and other tantalizing details about health with the aid of supercomputing technology. And another group based in the U.K. has been quietly growing with R&D software originally licensed from Merck.

These are largely emerging companies whose businesses could take off and grow exponentially in the coming years. The firms could also flop, as they face the risks inherent in introducing novel technology to an industry. FierceBiotechIT is picking them to be winners, however, because all of them are tackling different business challenges that life sciences firms face--including a need to draw meaning from huge amounts of phenotypic and genotypic data to advance drug R&D, how to gain visibility into the minute details of ongoing clinical trials to catch mistakes or make studies run efficiently, and giving scientists the IT tools that enable them to visualize chemical data and manage experiments.

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