3M Drug Delivery Systems Signs Licensing Agreement with Spirig Pharma AG

3M Drug Delivery Systems has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Spirig Pharma AG, a Swiss manufacturer of dermatological and dermocosmetic products. Spirig Pharma AG will utilize one of 3M's immune response modifier (IRM) molecules to further its development of treatment for sun damaged skin. Spirig is known internationally for brands like its Daylong actinica®, a medical device for the prevention of certain forms of non-melanoma skin cancer in at risk patients, and Excipial moisturizer.

Mark Tomai, PhD, vaccine business development director for 3M Drug Delivery Systems, explains the promise of the company's technology: "The molecule offers potential for treating patients that suffer from a variety of dermatologic conditions. 3M is very proud of the many IRMs we have been developing for a variety of uses."

In addition, 3M has IRMs available for license in the areas of cancer, asthma/allergy and as vaccine adjuvants.

Jim Vaughan, vice president and general manager of 3M Drug Delivery Systems Division, stated that, "3M is pleased to align with a leading European dermatology company to further develop our IRMs. In addition to its Swiss headquarters, Spirig's seven subsidiary locations, mainly in the EU, give us even more international reach."

"We are excited to expand our franchise of dermatology offerings in the prevention and treatment of sun damage-related skin conditions," said Dr. Silvio Inderbitzin, CEO of Spirig Pharma AG. "With 3M's IRM molecule, we can enhance our portfolio with the help of an experienced partner in drug delivery technologies."

About 3M Drug Delivery Systems

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About Spirig Pharma AG

Swiss-based Spirig Pharma AG is a leading company in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of dermatological and dermocosmetic products with a thorough experience of more than 60 years. 450 employees in seven countries provide first-class products and services to health care professionals such as dermatologists, pharmacists, GPs, as well as to patients. Brands like Daylong® (prevention of solar damage) and Excipial® (treatment of skin barrier function impairment) are top ranked products in key markets.