The 2008 Fierce 15 is here!

The 2008 Fierce 15

If you want to know what the future of drug discovery looks like, check out the sixth annual Fierce 15 Class of 2008

At this stage, biotechnology has produced a legion of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors who know how to evaluate a technology's potential and organize a new company pointed to proof-of-concept data. Many of the companies on the list are closing in on the kind of mid-stage data that can make or break them. They've adopted technologies that are often suited to rapid advancement in the clinic--at least until the program is ready to be partnered out. And they have carefully calculated how much investment capital is needed to reach the next level. 

Of course, not everyone on the list will prove to be as successful as they desire to be. The odds are always steep in biotechnology, even when you think you have all the risks carefully removed. But chances are you'll see a few of these companies make headlines as future acquisition targets or IPO-stage companies with commercial opportunities to pursue.   

FierceBiotech will be right there, bringing you the latest news on the industry in a timely fashion. In a matter of weeks we'll pass the 70,000 mark on subscribers, a key milestone for us. Like the Fierce 15, though, we're just getting started. 2008 Fierce 15