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Peg cancer drug prices to effectiveness, '60 Minutes' interviewee suggests

On  " 60 Minutes," Dr. Peter Bach and Leonard Saltz deliver some sound bites that might get the general public talking--and politicians, too.

Even at a discount, Sanofi's pricey cancer drug Zaltrap can't win at NICE

The U.K.'s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has spurned Sanofi's colon cancer treatment Zaltrap once again. And this time, the decision is final. The cost-effectiveness agency dismissed the French company's appeal, despite the offer of a discount.

UPDATED: Sanofi's Zaltrap hits U.K. cost trap

Sanofi's cancer drug Zaltrap has again fallen into a price trap. The cost watchdog in the U.K. said it does not find the benefits of the colorectal cancer drug outweigh its high price.

Sanofi reboots research of ovarian cancer in academic collaboration

After a series of setbacks in its hunt for ovarian cancer drugs, Sanofi has struck a three-year partnership deal with the Curie Institute in France that brings scientists back to the molecular drawing board to find new drug targets for the disease.

Sky-high drug prices will force change in cancer care, experts say

Cancer drugs are hot. With new targeted therapies coming online--and immunotherapies the talk of this year's ASCO meeting--oncologists are getting new treatments for their tool chests, and drugmakers are adding lucrative products to their cash boxes.

Sanofi lets go of rights to Regeneron's antibodies in ophthalmology

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has wagered on two preclinical programs for its growing business in ophthalmology drugs. The biotech heavyweight has forked over $20 million upfront and promised up to $45 million in milestones to its major partner Sanofi for full rights to the pair of antibody programs for use against eye diseases.

10 top drug launch disasters

FiercePharma thought it would be instructive to look at the worst pratfalls. Of course, every train wreck will attract its share of gawkers. The point we'd like to make here is that every example below also offers some clear pointers on how to avoid a similar snafu. Hopefully, this report will also provide a bit of context for those peak sales estimates we're treated to on an ongoing basis. Each one of the drugs you see below once inspired great dreams of big money. Each of them failed to deliver. And a number of the top blockbuster prospects now in the pipeline will wind up on future lists of drug launch disasters. Read the report >>

Sanofi scores CHMP nods for diabetes and cancer therapies

Sanofi ($SNY) made progress today on the product-replacement front. The French drug giant snagged endorsements from European Union regulators that pave the way to potential approvals of new drugs for diabetes and cancer, coming at a time when the company needs new products as older meds lose patent protection.

FDA approves Sanofi's Zaltrap for colorectal cancer

Though Zaltrap isn't expected to be a blockbuster, Sanofi's approval bolsters the Paris-based pharma giant's mission to usher new drugs to market as its major sellers such as the blood thinner Plavix face generic drug competition.

Sanofi colorectal cancer contender Zaltrap suffers a PhIII trial setback

Sanofi and Regeneron's opened their update on the cancer drug Zaltrap (aflibercept) on a sweet note: The FDA has granted a priority review of their NDA for colorectal cancer.