Editor's Corner

  • Eli Lilly preps a familiar case for FDA review of a marginal cancer drug

    On Thursday, a team from Eli Lilly will take the hot seats in front of an advisory committee meeting of external FDA experts to make a case for necitumumab, another cancer drug which offers only marginal efficacy for advanced patients with a troubling profile for potentially lethal adverse events. And their odds-on chance of succeeding helps explain why this field has become so popular with drug developers.

Allergan bets $125M on a new approach to dry eye disease

Allergan has scooped up a med tech startup with an innovative treatment for dry eye disease, paying $125 million up front for the rights to a tiny device designed to spur tear production.

HIV investigators at Harvard, J&J see promise in early-stage vaccine

A team of collaborators drawn from Harvard, Johnson & Johnson and other groups published results from a preclinical animal study Thursday afternoon that underscores the potential for developing the world's first HIV vaccine.

Versartis gets out from under the FDA with its growth hormone treatment

Versartis has cleared a roadblock in its path to launching a long-acting treatment for growth hormone deficiency, resolving an FDA clinical hold and getting back on track with its Phase III program.

Novo Nordisk backs out of a diabetes deal with Zosano

Novo Nordisk has terminated a collaboration deal with Zosano Pharma, walking away from an agreement that would have paired its late-stage diabetes drug with the latter company's microneedle patch technology.

23andMe raises $79M as it ramps up R&D work

23andMe has filed documents with the SEC stating that it has raised $79 million of a $150 million round. The fundraising comes soon after the company revealed plans to dive into the drug development world, recruiting Genentech's Richard Scheller as its chief scientific officer.