A new tuberculosis vaccine based on “biobeads” elicited an immune response in mice and could lay a new path for preventing the disease.

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York have created the first model of genetic obesity in fruit flies.

University of Leeds scientists have landed on protein in the brain that, if blocked, boosted the effectiveness of radiotherapy in destroying glioblastoma cells.

Newly discovered genetic mutations will help oncologists predict when men with localized prostate cancer are most at risk for metastasis after treatment.

Human wound healing typically results in a scar, or fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin. A University of Pennsylvania-led team has found an unlikely…

Researchers may grow stomach tissues in a petri dish to better understand stomach development and disease.

Endometrial cancer is becoming both more prevalent and more deadly, yet there are still no good screening methods to catch the disease in its earliest stages.…

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a new way to customize therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of colon cancer and melanoma. And they…

Scientists in North Carolina and Zhengzhou, China, have created a synthetic cardiac stem cell that functions like a natural stem cell, but with fewer risks.