Canadian researchers are attacking drug-resistant bacteria via a pathway that many of them share.

Scientists at Rockefeller University have created an entirely new species to attack treatment-resistant infectious bacteria.

Most research aimed at finding an HIV cure is focused on wiping out the virus from immune cells, but a new discovery suggests a different approach is in order.

A Broad Institute-led team created a CRISPR-based diagnostic that can detect Zika virus in blood, urine or saliva.

Two new studies shed light on why some people burn the midnight oil while others go to sleep at a reasonable hour but toss and turn all night.

University of Pennsylvania scientists have devised a new imaging test that could help identify which patients would benefit most from treatment that targets…

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago are testing a way to repair damaged hearts by transforming skin cells into blood vessels.

University of North Carolina researchers found that delivering multiple immunotherapies with a nanoparticle improved their efficacy.

Normalizing the blood vessels that feed tumors and gaining a better understanding of how they interact with immune cells could improve cancer treatment, Baylor…