How the ‘Internet of Things’ is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Now Available On Demand | UPS

This webinar will bring together technology professionals and executives from the medical devices industry to offer tips on how to navigate the Internet of Things and make the best technology choices in this burgeoning field.  Register Now!

Participant Stratification in Cancer Immunotherapy Research Using Genomic Sequencing
Now Available On Demand | Illumina

Join us to learn how genomics scientists at Covance have utilized DNA and RNA sequencing to help identify ideal participants for clinical trials and develop new therapeutic algorithms. Register Now!

Understanding FDA’s Priority Review Voucher System
December 8, 2016 | 1pm ET / 10am PT | Rho

How can one regulatory program simultaneously benefit both blockbuster drugs and rare or neglected diseases?  How can your company leverage the opportunities afforded by this program?  In this complimentary webinar, Rho’s panel of experts will walk you through the how’s and why’s of the FDA’s Priority Review Voucher program. Register Now!

How to Use 505(b)(2) to Achieve Commercial Success
Now Available On-Demand | Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

This webinar will benefit Biotech and Pharmaceutical executives interested in learning more on strategies to achieve commercial success with 505(b)(2) drug development, which averages 3.5 years and costs $20M to NDA approval compared with 11.5 years and $2.6B for 505(b)(1). Register Now!

Contract Pharma Organizations Look South to Address Capacity Constraints
November 29, 2016 | Enterprise Florida

As pharmaceutical manufacturing continues to be outsourced, CMOs and CDMOs wanting to expand are looking south for competitive prices, a welcoming tax climate, and an experienced workforce. Download this Whitepaper to learn how relocating to Florida could benefit CMOs and CDMOs.

Untangling the Bioanalysis of Oligonucleotides
December 15, 2016 | 11am ET / 8am PT | PPD

During this webinar we will discuss the multiple bioanalytical assay options available for analysis, the pros and cons associated with each assay format and present a unique hybridization-HPLC approach using fluorescence detection for sensitive and selective quantification of oligonucleotides. Register Now!

Identifying & Addressing the Hidden Root Causes of Clinical Supply Chain Inefficiency
December 6, 2016 | 11am ET / 8am PT | Catalent

In order to build a more efficient supply chain – one that is stronger, faster, more responsive and flexible – we must first examine each segment of the supply chain to identify both obvious and latent inefficiencies. Register Now!

Oncology Trial Recruitment: Challenging Indications and Challenging Studies
Now Available On-Demand | Medpace

Oncology trials have always presented special challenges given the trial designs and often complex inclusion exclusion criteria. Join to discuss trial design challenges for specific oncology populations, country and site selection considerations for the recruitment of challenging oncology studies, and facilitating patient recruitment across the study. Reserve your spot now!

Passive to Active TMF: Findings from the Veeva TMF Maturity Model
Now Available On-Demand | Veeva

Find out if your TMF processes support an inspection-ready trial master file. Veeva will share analysis from more than 100 TMF Maturity Model evaluations to help you understand how your peers are driving new efficiencies and improving compliance. Register Now!

Healthy Aging: Improved Dose Forms for Aging Population

As healthy aging becomes a bigger concern in the U.S., manufacturing companies are finding a new opportunities to serve this audience as they turn increasingly to OTC treatments. Download this eBook to learn how a successful partnership between OTC brands and manufacturing companies can improve health outcomes for the growing population of empowered seniors.