Industry Study: The State Of Commercial Content and Digital Asset Management
February 15, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Veeva

The current life sciences landscape requires marketers to create digital content faster while maintaining compliance. Hear the findings from an annual study focused on content and digital asset management including current practices and the need for more advanced approaches for marketing and compliance. Register Now!

How the ‘Internet of Things’ is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Now Available On Demand | UPS

This webinar will bring together technology professionals and executives from the medical devices industry to offer tips on how to navigate the Internet of Things and make the best technology choices in this burgeoning field.  Register Now!

Participant Stratification in Cancer Immunotherapy Research Using Genomic Sequencing
Now Available On Demand | Illumina

Join us to learn how genomics scientists at Covance have utilized DNA and RNA sequencing to help identify ideal participants for clinical trials and develop new therapeutic algorithms. Register Now!

The Trailblazer's Guide to Apps

Learn how the healthcare and life science industry is using agile application development to drive innovation and accelerate their business with the Salesforce Platform. Read more.

paid marketplace
Commercializing Novel IVDs: A Comprehensive Manual for Success
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

This is not a checklist or how-to manual with step-by-step instructions to build an IVD. It is meant to provide an overview of the major components to IVD development, from product conception through commercialization, and important considerations about individual aspects of the process: How do I approach the regulatory process? How can I plan for market access, and what can I do to make sure my IVD will be reimbursed? Read more.

Outsourcing to CMOs: How to Improve Quality, Control, and Data Integrity
January 26, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Veeva and Karyopharm Therapeutics

Attend this one-hour webinar, presented by Veeva and Karyopharm Therapeutics, for a discussion on how to incorporate contract organizations into quality processes leveraging cloud-based applications. Register Now!

The Midmarket and SMB Guide To BYOD
Now Available On-Demand | IBM

Bring your own device, or BYOD, has become an appealing mobility solution for small- to mid-sized businesses looking to minimize their investment in hardware and IT support. Join this webinar to learn how SMBs can assess their mobile priorities, techniques to use BYOD as a strategic business driver and more. Register Now!

Understanding FDA’s Priority Review Voucher System
Now Available On-Demand | Rho

How can one regulatory program simultaneously benefit both blockbuster drugs and rare or neglected diseases?  How can your company leverage the opportunities afforded by this program?  In this complimentary webinar, Rho’s panel of experts will walk you through the how’s and why’s of the FDA’s Priority Review Voucher program. Register Now!

How Cloud HPC is reducing time to insights in preclinical research
Amazon Web Services

The amount of data generated from preclinical research continues to grow, and adaptability and scalability are key to keeping up with the workload. Download this Whitepaper to learn about the benefits of deploying preclinical workloads in the cloud.

How to Use 505(b)(2) to Achieve Commercial Success
Now Available On-Demand | Camargo Pharmaceutical Services

This webinar will benefit Biotech and Pharmaceutical executives interested in learning more on strategies to achieve commercial success with 505(b)(2) drug development, which averages 3.5 years and costs $20M to NDA approval compared with 11.5 years and $2.6B for 505(b)(1). Register Now!