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Latest Headlines

Xenon pitches Genentech, Teva 'extreme genetics' ties as it rolls out a $52M IPO

Xenon Pharmaceuticals has gone 8 long years since its last equity raise, relying on a slate of partnerships with some of the biggest names in the business to fund its work. And now it's set out to test the fall biotech IPO market with a $52 million offering designed to take the company down another stage of its journey through the clinic.

Merck advances two partnerships with biotech Canucks

As Merck works on rebooting R&D, the drug giant has rewarded a pair of its biotech partners in Canada for their progress with separate preclinical programs. This week Xenon and Zymeworks, both headquartered in Vancouver, have reported new developments in their partnerships with Merck.

Genetics-focused Xenon forges $646M pain pact with Genentech

Canada's Xenon has added another premier industry collaboration to its roster of pacts aimed at discovering genetically-targeted treatments. In this new deal, Xenon will work with Roche 's Genentech

Merck inks drug discovery deal with Xenon

Merck has signed a deal with Canada-based Xenon to discover and develop small molecule candidates for cardiovascular disease. Xenon, a clinical genetics-based drug discovery and development outfit,