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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Bayer, J&J touting Xarelto trial data to counteract Eliquis surge

For a while now, Bayer and Johnson & Johnson's Xarelto has had no problem besting its competition, zooming to the lead in the new-age anticoagulant market, despite entering second. Now, though, the notion that rival Eliquis is a superior med is permeating the field, and it's up to the companies to quash that idea if they want to keep their hold on the No. 1 spot.

Bayer, J&J launch new stroke study to pump up payer-persuading Xarelto data

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson have plunked down hundreds of millions to study the anticoagulant Xarelto for one use after another. Armed with more indications than any of its warfarin-alternative rivals, Xarelto now has the biggest share of that market.

J&J looks for Xarelto boost in real-world cost data

These days, sometimes it's not enough to prove your drug is more effective than the standard of care. As rising drug costs continue to trigger concerns and pushback among payers, providers and patients, it's not a bad idea to prove your drug can beat the old guard on cost--or at the very least, match it. And that's just what Johnson & Johnson's Janssen unit says it's done with Xarelto.

J&J, Bayer look to turbocharge Xarelto with new label-expanding studies

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer's Xarelto already heads up the pack of new-age anticoagulants, but the pair isn't quitting while it's ahead. Instead, the drugmakers are looking to expand that market lead with new clinical trials aimed at widening the drug's label.

Bayer, J&J beef up Xarelto research to keep market-share gains coming

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer's Xarelto made its way to the front of the new-age anticoagulant pack not long after hitting the U.S. market, gaining ground from rival Pradaxa to head what has since become a three-horse race. And that's ground its makers aren't ready to cede.

Aiming for big growth in top 5 meds, Bayer will stake an extra $600M on marketing, R&D

Bayer knows what a good launch can do; with blood thinner Xarelto and eye drug Eylea, it's had a couple of the recent best. Thanks to that pair of hot-selling meds, the German pharma raised the sales forecast for its new products by €2 billion late last week--and it's raising its marketing budget along with it.

FDA panel shakes off J&J's hopes of broader Xarelto use

A panel of FDA advisers voted 10-0 against recommending that Johnson & Johnson's Xarelto be approved to treat patients with acute coronary syndrome, marking the third such rejection for the treatment.

Pfizer, Bristol-Myers win landmark European approval for Eliquis

The approval comes after the drug developers had been stiff-armed twice by the FDA, which has now set a March 17, 2013 PDUFA date on the therapy.

Bayer gambling $4B R&D budget on Xarelto, top blockbuster hopefuls

Bayer Healthcare is on a roll, and it has no intention of easing off the gas now. Emboldened by rising sales of Xarelto, pumped by the prospects of the macular degeneration drug Eylea and optimistic about the newly approved cancer drug Stivarga, Bayer's pharma division has outlined some ambitious plans for its $4 billion annual R&D budget.

J&J, Bayer try to answer FDA concerns on Xarelto

Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are making another run at getting their anti-clotting drug Xarelto approved for ACS patients, a market that analysts say would take it into blockbuster territory.