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Latest Headlines

Pfizer weighs legal options as PA Supreme Court revives Redux design-defect suit

Pennsylvania's high court put drug design-defect claims on the menu for patients looking to sue for damages. In a closely watched case against Pfizer's Wyeth unit, the state Supreme Court reinstated claims that the company negligently designed and marketed a diet pill, Redux, that's now withdrawn from the market.

UPDATED: SAC fund manager alleged to have not 1 but 2 docs feeding him insider info

A so-called superseding federal indictment today says former hedge fund trader Mathew Martoma, accused of insider trading in Elan and Wyeth stock,  had not one but two doctors giving him the inside scoop that allowed his hedge fund to record more than $275 million in profits and losses avoided.

UPDATED: Mystery doc cited for handing insider trial info to SAC trader

Last fall noted neurologist and Alzheimer's investigator Sid Gilman figured prominently in a massive insider trading case brought by the SEC. Today a second, unnamed physician surfaced in a related indictment.

FTC asks to file brief in Effexor case, testing Supreme Court's pay-for-delay ruling

The Federal Trade Commission has submitted an amicus brief in an antitrust case pitting drug retailers against Wyeth and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, in a challenge to the companies' Effexor XR settlement.

Pfizer unit pleads guilty, agrees to pay $491M in off-label marketing case

According to the Justice Department, Wyeth trained sales reps to push Rapamune for unapproved uses and offered bonuses to persuade them to flog the drug for patients it wasn't cleared to treat.

Teva loses $2B gamble on generic of Pfizer's Protonix

When Teva Pharmaceutical Industries launched a generic version of Protonix in 2007 before its patent expiration, it set aside $670 million to compensate Pfizer for lost profits on the drug. But with a settlement announced today, the company is finding itself $1.6 billion short.

Pfizer hits bump on Prevnar 13 growth curve

Pfizer catapulted itself into the vaccine big leagues in 2009 by merging with Wyeth, and continued demand for Prevnar 13 has seen it consolidate its position. Analysts predict its sales could dwarf other vaccines--hitting $6.7 billion in 2018--but recent quarters suggest it will be a bumpy ride.

Teva's at-risk Protonix launch could cost $2B-plus

Turns out, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' ($TEVA) at-risk launch of copycat Protonix was really, really risky. The company now says it's looking at up to $2 billion in legal losses, to compensate Pfizer ($PFE) for lost profits on the drug.

Generic Reglan user can sue Pfizer for damages

It's a state court ruling. It directly affects only one drugmaker. But the Alabama Supreme Court's decision to allow a patient to sue Pfizer for damages could ripple through the industry--and not in a good way for branded drugmakers.

Pfizer to pay $55M to clean Wyeth's dirty laundry

Another marketing settlement has been wrung out of a Big Pharma player, with Pfizer ($PFE) this time paying $55 million and change to clear up a problem it acquired.