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Latest Headlines

Orexigen shares dented by an unexpected holdup on the FDA's weight-drug decision

Orexigen had to wait three long years to take a second shot at an approval for its weight drug NB32, earlier called Contrave. Now it gets to wait another three months for an FDA marketing decision as they talk through a regulatory requirement on tracking cardiovascular outcomes among people taking the therapy.

Broker's Facebook rant on biotech stock draws $5K fine

A stockbroker who took to his Facebook page to sound off in reaction to a critical online report last year regarding Arena Pharmaceuticals has been fined $5,000 for the outburst via social media.

Vivus clears one of many hurdles for new weight drug

The FDA has agreed to take down one of the big hurdles hampering U.S. sales of Vivus' newly approved weight drug Qsymia, but plenty more remain.

Biotech star Zafgen nabs $21M round to back dramatic weight-loss drug

Alta Partners has jumped into the venture syndicate, joining prolific biotech investor Third Rock and its high-profile colleagues at Atlas Venture, which are gambling that beloranib, which inhibits the MetAP2 enzyme, can set a whole new standard for weight-loss treatments.

Zafgen takes closely-watched obesity drug into mid-stage studies

Cambridge, MA-based Zafgen has taken another big step forward in its quest to develop a unique new weight drug. The biotech has laid out its plans for its first Phase IIa study of beloranib, which inhibits the MetAP2 enzyme.

Eisai seizure drug spurs 5% weight loss

As Bloomberg reports, study patients who took 400 mg of Zonegran daily for a year lost 7.3 kg on average, significantly more than the 4 kg placebo patients shed.

After FDA blessings for diet drugs, spotlight shines on biotechs' pioneering obesity meds

The trend could create a wealth of opportunities for the developers because of the blockbuster market for weight drugs, one that Big Pharma is unlikely to neglect despite past failures with anti-obesity meds.

Vivus shares drop amid speculation about IP threats to diet drug

To show just how delicate faith can be in weight-drug developers, Vivus' and Orexigen Therapeutics' shares took hits on Thursday amid buzz about potential weaknesses in Vivus' patents for the newly approved obesity pill Qsymia.

Rotund rodents shed pounds with new vaccine

Chubby mice quickly shed 10% of their body weight when injected with modified somatostatin, a peptide hormone.

Experimental vaccine knocks the weight off flabby mice

The quest to find a safe, effective obesity treatment that could be used by the flabby masses led one team of investigators to try out a new vaccine approach that proved promising in a preclinical mouse study.