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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Warp Drive recruits an Alnylam vet to take the reins

Warp Drive Bio, at work on high-tech therapeutics derived from nature, appointed biopharma veteran Laurence Reid as its new CEO, with ex-chief and Harvard luminary Greg Verdine pivoting to president and chief scientific officer.

Prolific Harvard chemist Greg Verdine takes helm at Warp Drive

After co-founding Warp Drive, which launched last year to discover natural product drugs, Professor Gregory Verdine has taken over the chief executive role from Third Rock Ventures partner Alexis Borisy.

Big Data has arrived in biotech. Now what?

The world's biggest biotechs are piling up data by the petabyte, amassing numbers for gene expression, biomarker reliability, patient outcomes and pretty much every other measurable vector in drug development. Of course, to date, no disease has ever been treated by a spreadsheet, so how do we take Big Data from the server closet to the doctor's office?

UPDATED: Fueled by Sanofi, Warp Drive Bio takes off with $125M deal

Biotech startup Warp Drive Bio has scored $125 million in financing from a syndicate that features the French drug giant Sanofi ($SNY) along with founding backer Third Rock Ventures and the VC firm