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Latest Headlines

Vivus needs more than boardroom shuffling to keep up with Arena's Belviq

One pre-First Manhattan Co.-settlement Vivus director standing for re-election at the company's annual meeting, that is. The Mountain View, CA-based drugmaker announced Tuesday in a regulatory filing that J. Martin Carroll, Mark Logan and Robert Wilson would not seek to retain their board positions.

Can Auxilium's ED hopeful Stendra score with provocative March Madness ads?

Auxilium is marketing Vivus' new erectile dysfunction pill Stendra with a jazzy, suggestive promo video during March Madness, when millions of men are glued to the games.

Auxilium aims Stendra's sexy March Madness ads at stiff ED competition

It's March Madness in the NCAA, which means lots of men glued to the games. What better time for an underdog erectile dysfunction drug to tout itself? That's the theory at Auxilium, which is launching an ad campaign for the ED remedy Stendra.

Vivus beats the street on licensing payments, but investors aren't fooled

Vivus, a go-it-alone marketer with flailing obesity drug Qsymia, is discovering the joys of buddying up. 

Vivus, Arena hope Aetna weight-management program boosts diet-drug sales

Both Vivus and Arena marketing partner Eisai have partnered with healthcare benefits provider Aetna, which will integrate rival obesity drugs Qsymia and Belviq into a weight-loss lifestyle pilot program.

Vivus commercial chief takes a hike after slew of exec exits

Since bungling the launch of obesity drug Qsymia, Vivus has lost more than half its board, its CFO, two CEOs and 20 staffers. Now, the company's chief commercial officer is following his departed colleagues out the door.

Sanofi signs on to sell Vivus ED drug in emerging markets

After rolling out its weight-loss drug Qsymia solo, a move that spurred plenty of shareholder discontent, Vivus is taking marketing partnerships for erectile dysfunction drug Stendra seriously. Thursday, it announced a deal with Sanofi that covers licensing and commercialization in emerging markets.

Orexigen shares soar as long-delayed weight drug clears PhIII safety hurdle

More than two years after Orexigen began a forced march back through a $100 million Phase III study for its weight drug Contrave, the biotech is back with the news that it scored the positive interim results it needs for a return trip to the FDA. And the drug developer says it can look ahead to a potential approval as early as June, 2014.

With Qsymia still flailing, Vivus to cut 20 jobs, replace CFO

Vivus says it's laying off 20 staffers to cut its losses as the obesity drug Qsymia continues to flounder. Launched last year, Qsymia brought in just $6.4 million for the third quarter, far from the lofty sales projected as the drug neared FDA approval. And with the drug still struggling for a market foothold, analysts worry that Vivus will have a hard time attracting a partner that can apply its marketing savvy to the job.

Eisai to recruit 200 new sales reps for amped-up Belviq push

Analysts promised a battle of obesity drugs between Arena's Belviq and Vivus' Qsymia. But in marketing partner Eisai, Arena has a weapon Vivus lacks--and that weapon is about to get bigger. The Japanese company plans to add more than 200 sales reps to its army by December, doubling its size since the drug hit the market this June.