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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca shrugs off pharma's emerging markets slowdown, but Lilly's suffering

After Q2's glacial emerging markets growth, industry watchers wondered just how slow pharma could go in developing countries. As it turns out, they found a way to decelerate in Q3.

Analyst's worst-case on Brilinta probe? Feds force AstraZeneca blood thinner off market

Last week, AstraZeneca admitted that the U.S. Justice Department is probing its controversial late-stage study of the blood thinner Brilinta. After a few days to digest that information, Bernstein's Tim Anderson has spelled out a worst-case scenario for the drug--and it's none too pretty. Worse, Brilinta is one of the products CEO Pascal Soriot hopes to transform into a growth engine for the company.

FDA rejects blockbuster Eliquis bid, asks Pfizer, BMS for trial clarification

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Pfizer have hit another costly snag in their quest to gain an FDA approval for Eliquis (apixaban), their blockbuster anti-clotting hopeful.

Analyst gloomy on Merck trends

An influential pharma analyst downgraded Merck shares, saying they've hit their price ceiling. Why? The reasons can be summed up in four drugs: Singulair, Gardasil, taranabant, and Vytorin. Sanford

Rumor mill: BMS positioning itself for sale

Speculation that Bristol-Myers Squibb might be a takeover target-- that's old news. Informed speculation based on certain strategic moves BMS has made recently-- worth passing on. Tim Anderson, the