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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Merck vet steps in to lead Third Rock's immuno-oncology upstart

Third Rock Ventures partner Cary Pfeffer is stepping aside as the start-up CEO at Jounce Therapeutics in favor of Merck veteran Richard Murray.

The most influential people in biopharma today

Any industry that's undergoing as much change as biopharma is always looking for leadership. Old marketing practices are being blown apart, R&D is being subjected to emergency surgery, drug...

Third Rock puts up $45M for a voyage into gene therapy

Third Rock Ventures has cut the ribbon on its latest startup, pledging $45 million to launch Cambridge, MA's Voyager Therapeutics, a gene therapy biotech with a promising platform for central nervous system treatments.

UPDATED: Third Rock backs $14M round for Igenica's cancer-fighting antibodies

The antibody upstart Igenica has rounded up $14 million in venture cash to move its lead drug into the clinic. The Column Group, 5AM Ventures, OrbiMed and Third Rock Ventures all participated in the round.

Third Rock's Eleven pitches a $69M IPO to fuel its PhIII dry eye program

A little less than four years after Third Rock and Flagship joined forces and investment cash to back the launch of Eleven Biotherapeutics, the protein engineering company has put together a pitch for a $69 million IPO designed to finance a big shift into late-stage drug development.

Third Rock startup Sage banks $20M as it 'thinks big' about CNS drugs

Just months after recruiting a crew of experienced professionals to handle Sage Therapeutics, Third Rock Ventures has joined hands with Arch Venture Partners to fund the second leg of their R&D odyssey in CNS diseases with a $20 million B round.

Third Rock's path to success lined with patience, rigor and T-shirts

Looking at this year's boom in high-dollar biotech IPOs, you can't miss the fingerprints of Third Rock Ventures, with three of the hottest market debuts coming straight from the fund's portfolio. That success is no coincidence, the group says, and its founders gave Nature an inside look at its painstaking process of choosing which companies to bankroll and which to let slide.

Colorful Third Rock crew defines new biotech startup style

There's been a considerable amount of moaning and groaning in recent years over the clear lack of capital needed to start up a biotech. But Third Rock Ventures has helped banish the blues in certain quarters.

NIH awards Third Rock startup up to $10M for Fragile X work

The money is earmarked for discovery work through Phase I. And interim CEO Kevin Starr--a partner at Third Rock who launched the company with a $35 million A round in 2011--hopes that Sage can break new ground in a tough R&D field.

Biotech vets pick up $10M B round for startup Alcresta

Alcresta has fueled up with venture dollars en route to commercialization of its biotech-inspired nutritional products with a $10 million Series A round from previous backers Bessemer Venture Partners, Frazier Healthcare and Third Rock Ventures.