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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Teva recalling more than 1M bottles of generic Cymbalta

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is one of half a dozen drugmakers that have been rolling out generics of Eli Lilly's top-selling blockbuster Cymbalta. The others are going to roll past the Israeli drugmaker after it recalled more than 1 million bottles of the antidepressant.

Teva puts GSK and Amarin on notice with generic Lovaza launch

Watch out, GlaxoSmithKline--and Amarin. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has launched its generic version of Glaxo's fish-oil pill, Lovaza, designed to lower triglyceride levels in patients with cardiovascular disease.

Market force may put quality at forefront of all generics makers

The market may do what regulators around the world have been unable to achieve so far: It may make quality and consistent supply the focus for generics buyers over price.

Lilly's end of the road on Evista looms with FDA nod for Teva generic

Eli Lilly is staring down the barrel of its Evista patent expiration. And Tuesday, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries won FDA approval to load the bullet. The company's generic version of Lilly's breast cancer and osteoporosis drug got the green light, and Teva says it will hit the U.S. market within a month.

Teva keeps battling Natco over generic of blockbuster Copaxone

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is trying to throw up yet another hurdle to a generic version of its blockbuster multiple sclerosis drug Copaxone from India's Natco Pharmaceuticals. 

Mystery U.S. pharma company circles Andromeda and its PhIII diabetes drug

A couple of day ago, Israel's Andromeda Biotech bought back the worldwide rights to its Phase III diabetes therapy--DiaPep277 for Type 1 patients--from Teva for $72 million, to be paid on an installment plan based on future revenue. And today, Andromeda's parent company Clal says it's in talks with a U.S. pharma company to sell Andromeda and DiaPep277.

The FDA is quietly testing some drugs for generic equivalency

Generics make up about 80% of the drugs U.S. consumers use, but there has long been questions about whether some of them work as well as the products they mimic. Now the FDA is finding out.

With Teva's Symbicort copy nearing EU launch, AstraZeneca preps for battle

An EU drug-review committee recommended Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' knockoff version of the AstraZeneca respiratory med Symbicort on Friday. With key patents already expired, Teva's DuoResp Spiromax could soon put AstraZeneca's brand under siege.

Will the generics M&A surge put Teva on the takeover table? Investors think so

Murmurs that Israel's generic drug giant Teva Pharmaceuticals may be for sale reached fever pitch last week, driving its stock up nearly 10% to $48.45--its biggest advance since 2008.

Teva, Ranbaxy settle case for sidestepping each other's launches

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries and Ranbaxy Laboratories only have to pay $300,000 in a new "pay-for-delay" settlement with the state of New York over their arrangement on generic Lipitor. But the agreement also prevents the two from sidestepping each other on dozens of other drugs, opening up the possibility of greater generic competition.