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Latest Headlines

Japan's Terumo expects first operating profit in 7 years boosted by catheter sales

Terumo said it expects to have its first record operating profit in 7 years.

Terumo plans ¥100B bond offering, one of Japan's biggest of the year

Japan's Terumo, the country's largest medical device maker, will soon offer bonds worth ¥100 billion ($857 million), which would be the country's largest bond offering since May, when two other Japanese companies raised that amount, Bloomberg reports.

BSD bets on new ablation device sales growth in its ongoing Terumo deal

BSD Medical said Terumo will distribute one of its key ablation surgical tools into Eastern European markets and the Middle East over the coming months, expanding on a fledgling partnership that has already demonstrated some traction in other European, Western Asian and African countries.

CareFusion and Terumo team up to cash in on catheters

Japanese medical device giant Terumo has inked a deal with CareFusion to jump-start U.S. sales of its IV catheters, counting on its partner's experience and share of the market to boost its stateside revenue.

Terumo buys into Turkey's blood collection market

Terumo is expanding its presence in Turkey with the acquisition of a distributor of blood bank-related medical equipment.

DoD ponies up $15M to develop Terumo's blood-cleaning tech

Terumo BCT, the blood-focused division of the Japanese med tech giant, has signed a deal with the U.S. Department of Defense to share costs in the development of a device that can treat donated blood used in emergency transfusions.

Thoratec buys Terumo's heart tech for up to $56.5M

Unsatisfied with all its HeartMate success, Thoratec is spending cash to further its share of the left ventricular assist device market, shelling out up to $56.5 million for Terumo's investigational DuraHeart II.

Terumo adding 400+ jobs in R&D expansion

Terumo is planning to hire 416 people in Northern Ireland, expanding the R&D operations at a plant that produces blood transfusion technologies.

Terumo prevails in patent suit against Vascular Solutions

Terumo has prevailed in a patent spat with Vascular Solutions, and the latter company will stop manufacturing and selling a device Terumo said infringed on its intellectual property.

BSD turns to Terumo in global ablation device distribution deal

BSD Medical inked a wide-ranging deal with Japanese med tech giant Terumo to distribute one of its signature tumor ablation devices in Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.