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Latest Headlines

Merck dumps late-stage obesity drug

You can write off another experimental obesity drug. In a tersely worded statement, Merck announced that it is

Merck kills controversial obesity med

Merck has pulled the plug on its obesity drug taranabant, saying that efficacy and adverse events both increased at higher doses.

Analyst gloomy on Merck trends

An influential pharma analyst downgraded Merck shares, saying they've hit their price ceiling. Why? The reasons can be summed up in four drugs: Singulair, Gardasil, taranabant, and Vytorin. Sanford

Acomplia linked to deaths in Europe

Americans hoping to trim the fat by popping a pill have been wondering when and if the weight loss drug Acomplia will hit the U.S.

Fortune scolds Merck for "risky" programs

Fortune writer John Simons is taking Merck to task for two development programs he finds particularly risky. "The riskiest of Merck's current projects is

The race is on for weight loss pill

As America's obesity epidemic continues, biotech and pharmaceutical companies are racing to create a pill that delivers significant weight loss without the unpleasant side effect of current obesity

Merck presents pipeline update to analysts

At a meeting with investors yesterday, Merck highlighted several of its late-stage pipeline hopes. One of the most-watched drug candidates in Merck pipeline, of course, is anacetrapib--a drug in the