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Latest Headlines

Takeda expands vaccine platform rights with Nanotherapeutics agreement

In an effort to widen the reach of its flu vaccines business--and to develop new vaccines on a familiar platform--Takeda has inked an agreement to expand its rights to the Vero cell technology platform for vaccines production from Florida's Nanotherapeutics, Inc.

Takeda takes unexpected blow as blockbuster Velcade patent ruled invalid

With approvals in the U.S and Europe expected soon, it looked like Takeda would have time to get its new multiple myeloma treatment into the market before patents fell off of blockbuster Velcade in 2022. But CEO Christophe Weber may need to plot a new strategy after a federal judge overturned a key patent, putting the Japanese drugmaker's drug vulnerable to generics 5 years early.

Takeda rolls toward EU approval with its heir to Velcade

Takeda's top oncology prospect is moving toward approval in the European Union, as continental regulators have accepted the company's application and promised a shortened review period for the blood cancer treatment.

Takeda Actos settlement seems shaky as plaintiffs give it the sniff test

Takeda's new CEO, Christophe Weber, thought the Japanese drugmaker had freed itself of the drag from thousands of lawsuits tied to cancer risks from its diabetes drug Actos with a $2.37 billion settlement offer made in April. But despite an average promised payout of $250,000, many plaintiffs have not signed on, perhaps because the rewards of suing seem so much more enticing.

Japan's CiRA hopes for iPS cell clinical work as early as this year with stockpile cost advantage

Japan's Center for iPS Cell Research Application (CiRA) of Kyoto University hopes to ramp up clinical tests starting this or early next year with unspecified clinical research projects aimed at finding possible cures for various diseases as academic, clinical and company efforts merge, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

Orexigen picks up new trial tab to settle Contrave dispute with partner Takeda

Takeda's not walking out on its partnership with Orexigen--something it threatened to do after the drugmaker leaked some early data on its obesity med, resulting in a cancelled trial. But it is making it pay for its mistakes.

New obesity meds 'pretty safe,' but some side effects bear watching: AdverseEvents

An analysis by AdverseEvents shows the new generation of obesity meds are holding their own, safety-wise. Still, postmarketing data flag some serious cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric side effects that are worth monitoring, the healthcare informatics firm says.

Takeda hands in its Velcade successor with blockbuster ambitions

Japanese drugmaker Takeda is angling to win FDA approval for its lead cancer asset, an oral treatment for blood malignancies that is key to the company's future in oncology.

Takeda recalls thousands of Contrave bottles even as it fights over canceled trial

Orexigen and Contrave marketing partner Takeda have been feuding over how they will split the cost of a postmarketing study on the drug's cardio effects after the initial study had to be canceled because of a "data leak" by Orexigen's CEO. Now they have a new splitting issue to bicker about. Takeda is having to recall a lot of the obesity drug because tablets in a batch were coming apart.

U.K. cost gatekeeper changes its tune on Entyvio for Crohn's

Takeda has hit a few speedbumps lately, struggling with sagging sales and less-than-stellar profits after losing the patent for one of its top sellers. But the company is enjoying a bright point as the U.K. cost gatekeeper gave its thumbs-up to the company's inflammatory bowel disease drug Entyvio, dealing the company some good news as it looks to its gastrointestinal meds to revive its flagging fortunes.