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Latest Headlines

Takeda taps Sanford for robotics, 3-D modeling skills in heart failure pact

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute is about to apply its robotics and 3-D modeling skills to the discovery of molecules to treat heart failure. Takeda is bankrolling the two-year program as part of its broader collaboration The Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

Brutal honesty in drug marketing? For obesity meds, it's key to avoiding the 'magic pill' trap

Dieting and exercise to lose weight is more effective when done with support--and weight-loss drugmakers have taken that to heart in marketing their treatments. But according to a recent Journal of Public Policy & Marketing article, lifestyle support isn't enough. Drugmakers may want to look to their advertising pitches, too.

Orexigen, Takeda slap Actavis with Contrave patent-infringement lawsuit

Orexigen and Takeda have already had their fair share of headaches over obesity med Contrave this year after a data leak forced the pair to abandon a postmarketing heart study. Now, though, they've got a generic to fend off, and they've sued maker Actavis in order to do just that.

Takeda to consolidate U.S. vaccines ops in Cambridge

Cambridge, MA, will get a little more crowded after Takeda's Tuesday announcement that it plans to close multiple U.S. facilities and expand its presence there into a U.S. vaccines headquarters.

UPDATED: Takeda uprooting its U.S. vaccines operations, joining the R&D migration to Boston

The unending game of global reorganization in biopharma R&D is continuing with a new move by Takeda to shutter several vaccines operations scattered around the U.S. with plans to concentrate its efforts and the work now done by about 150 staffers in the hot Boston/Cambridge, MA hub.

Takeda, Daiichi Sankyo ink flu vaccine distribution pacts with Japan's Kaketsuken

Pointing to a growing demand for seasonal flu vaccines in Japan, Takeda has signed on with the Chemo-Sero Therapeutic Research Institute (Kaketsuken) to sell one of the institute's seasonal shots while it continues distribution of another.

New CEO Weber deals with Takeda's loss and promises brighter future

In his debut earnings report since assuming his role as CEO of Japanese drugmaker Takeda, Christophe Weber had to tell investors today that the company had a small loss in its last fiscal year.

Takeda puts screws on Orexigen for $200M do-over after 'compromised' heart trial

Turns out the FDA isn't the only one that's been ticked off with Orexigen since it released some early positive cardio data for obesity drug, Contrave, last March. Marketing partner Takeda is on that list, too--and earlier this week, the Japanese drugmaker went so far as to threaten to nix the pair's pact.

Contrave controversy puts Orexigen, Takeda in unwelcome spotlight

The FDA was none too happy with Orexigen when it put out some early positive cardio data for obesity drug Contrave in March. One reason? Early data can be misleading--and now, it looks like that might have been the case for Contrave.

One of Takeda's big cancer bets flops in a Phase III lymphoma trial

Alisertib, a jewel of Takeda's $8.8 billion acquisition of Millennium Pharmaceuticals back in 2008, failed to make the grade in a Phase III lymphoma trial, forcing the Japanese drugmaker to pull the plug and pivot to other indications.