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Top 20 orphan drugs by 2018

For a long time, pharma companies have looked to large disease populations as the biggest potential revenue streams. But those days are long gone. That perception has shifted, especially with the prescription drug market stagnating in the U.S. and Europe. Orphan drugs--pharmaceutical treatments for rare diseases or disorders--have proven themselves as viable moneymakers, and the industry has taken note. Read the report >>

Indian officials may resurrect Pfizer's Sutent patent

Just as the situation for Big Pharma in India seemed its most dour, what with intellectual-property disputes and controversial price caps, India's Intellectual Property Appellate Board may have thrown Pfizer a bone. It has gone back on last year's decision--for now--to revoke the patent for Pfizer's cancer drug Sutent.

Indian high court tells Patent Office to re-weigh Pfizer's Sutent

Is there a ray of hope for Big Pharma's brands in India? Maybe--but maybe not. Two months after officials pulled Pfizer's ($PFE) patent on the cancer drug Sutent, the Supreme Court says the Patent Office has to reconsider the case.

India nixes Pfizer's patent on cancer-fighter Sutent

India has blown another raspberry at Big Pharma. In its third strike against foreign drugmakers, the Indian patent office yanked Pfizer's ($PFE) patent on the kidney cancer drug Sutent. The move was a victory for local drugmakers Cipla and Natco Pharma, which legally protested Sutent's patent protection.

Natco may next attack Pfizer, Roche drugs with compulsory license

Indian genericsmaker Natco Pharma, having knocked off Bayer's cancer drug Nexavar with a compulsory license, says it is lining up the targets it wants to shoot at next.

Bayer's Nexavar falters in another lung cancer trial

Nexavar did deliver "an improvement" in progression-free survival, the companies said, but that was the study's secondary endpoint.

Gene study finds tumor-cell flaw possibly vulnerable to Pfizer, AZ cancer meds

More evidence that drugs and diagnostics will be playing together often: Researchers sequencing genes in colon and lung tumors found mutations that could be targeted with existing drugs. The study

DNA sequencing exposes new uses for Pfizer targeted cancer drugs

As pharma companies expand their use of DNA sequencing for drug R&D, researchers have uncovered some potential new targets for existing cancer drugs that are likely to spur further use of

AB soars on promising survival data from Phase II tumor study

Shares of Paris-based AB Science shot up yesterday after the drug developer reported strong efficacy results from a midstage study of its experimental drug for gastrointestinal tumors. The treatment,

Pfizer, Novartis drugs win advisory panel nod

FDA's expert advisors gave two thumbs up yesterday, one for Pfizer ($PFE) and one for Novartis ($NVS). The companies' cancer drugs Sutent and Afinitor won backing from the panel as treatments for a