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Latest Headlines

Cost watchdogs demand efficacy data on new Bayer cancer drugs

German pharma giant Bayer got back-to-back bad news on two of its newest drugs, from two different countries, no less.

Once again, Bayer's new drugs power pharma sales upward

Eye drug Eylea and blood thinner Xarelto are pretty good products for any drugmaker to have in its lineup, and Bayer's got them both. Sales of those new stars have been plentiful, and they helped the German company raise earnings 7.7% for the third quarter, the company announced Thursday.

Rise of personalized drugs means fewer 'dinosaur' trials

Now that targeted therapies like Roche's Zelboraf and Bayer's Stivarga have raced through the FDA and into patients' hands, drug developers are relying less and less on old-fashioned randomized controlled trials.

UPDATED: Bayer, Onyx drug Stivarga rolls on with EU approval

Stivarga, the cancer drug that Bayer developed with Onyx Pharmaceuticals, has nabbed yet another approval, this time in Europe, as it rolls toward its anticipated blockbuster status.

Bayer's Stivarga nabs new approval in newly popular Japan

Japanese regulators have cleared Bayer's cancer drug Stivarga for a new use, against gastrointestinal stromal tumors. It's just the latest victory for the fast-tracked drug, developed with U.S.-based Onyx Pharmaceuticals.

Europe's CHMP recommends 10 drugs in 1 week

It was a very, very big week in Europe for drugmakers. The European Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended 10 drugs for approval, including two biosimilars, it said today.

Bayer, Raptor reel in endorsements from EMA for new therapies

The European Medicines Agency's experts have backed approval for two drugs that have already gained green lights for the U.S. market.

Bayer wins new use for fast-moving cancer drug Stivarga

Bayer's new cancer drug Stivarga has already added a notch to its belt. Cleared by the FDA last year to treat colorectal cancer, the drug is now approved as a treatment for a rare form of gastric cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

Bayer gambling $4B R&D budget on Xarelto, top blockbuster hopefuls

Bayer Healthcare is on a roll, and it has no intention of easing off the gas now. Emboldened by rising sales of Xarelto, pumped by the prospects of the macular degeneration drug Eylea and optimistic about the newly approved cancer drug Stivarga, Bayer's pharma division has outlined some ambitious plans for its $4 billion annual R&D budget.

Bayer CEO touts Xarelto in Q3 pharma-sales growth

Thank you, Xarelto, Mirena, Cipro and friends. On the strength of these fast-growing products, Bayer's pharma division out-grew its other businesses, with a gain in net sales of 6.1%, to €2.73 billion ($3.545 billion).