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Latest Headlines

Japanese researcher found dead amid a swirling stem cell research scandal

One of the authors of a controversial and now-retracted paper purporting a stem cell breakthrough has been found dead in what appears to be a suicide, according to numerous reports, following an investigation that has alarmed researchers and rattled one of Japan's most respected institutions.

Special report: Stem cell research advances by fits and starts

Stem cells were once theorized to be a therapy in and of itself--a way to directly treat diseases or restore people's health from debilitating conditions. But scientists are now exploring how to use the cells indirectly to generate tissue or immune responses that can achieve the same goals.

VT officials spotlight foreign financing role for stem cell facility

Almost two years after first announcing plans to build a new stem cell research and manufacturing center close to the Canadian border in Vermont, a joint venture set up by South Korea's AnC Bio and a

Pfizer gambles up to $111M on Athersys' stem cell therapy

In a fresh indication of Big Pharma's desire to tap into the future revenue potential presented by stem cell therapies, Pfizer has inked a $111 million deal to license rights to develop Athersys'

SEC sues CellCyte, former execs for lying to investors

The SEC has filed a lawsuit against Bothell, WA-based CellCyte Genetics and two former executives for lying to investors regarding its stem cell therapies. The developer has already been in hot water

Research breakthrough identifies potent cancer compound

After developing a novel method to create cancer stem-like cells, researchers were able to identify a chemical that was a hundred times more effective than a common chemotherapy in destroying a key

Pfizer pumps $100M into stem cell research

Pfizer is revving up its engines to get those planned R&D changes into high gear. The drugmaker says it's pumping $100 million into its international stem cell development program. The company's

DaVinci touts results from spinal cord trial

Following up on eight acute and chronic spinal cord injury patients who were injected with bone marrow stem cells two years ago, researchers say that the therapy proved safe and effective in

Osiris hits milestone with stem cell trial

Osiris Therapeutics has hit a notable milestone, completing enrollment for a late-stage stem cell trial. Researchers will explore the benefits of Prochymal for steroid-refractory acute Graft versus

Michigan voters supporting use of ESCs in research

Voters in Michigan appeared on the verge of endorsing a proposal to allow researchers to use discarded embryos from fertility clinics to devise new embryonic stem cell lines. The proposal had been