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Latest Headlines

Novartis slashes ante, inks another Gamida Cell buyout pact in $635M leukemia deal

Novartis is forging ahead with a prospective stem cell biotech buyout, agreeing to pay $35 million to grab a sizable equity stake in Gamida Cell while executing a short term option deal that will allow the pharma giant the right to gobble up the company for another $600 million split up between a $165 million upfront payout with the rest up for grabs in development and sales milestones.

Bluebird's gene therapy 2.0 weans beta-thalassemia patients off blood transfusions

Gene therapy 2.0 at bluebird bio is demonstrating some early signs of success with an upgrade to its experimental therapy for the genetic blood disorder beta-thalassemia demonstrating promising results in a pair of patients, weaning them off the regular blood transfusions needed to stay alive.

FDA grants humanitarian use for Miltenyi's stem cell transplant device

Miltenyi Biotec said today that the FDA had approved its device for humanitarian use in patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) who are getting allogeneic stem cell transplants from matched, related donors. The device, called the CliniMACS CD34 Reagent System, is designed to lower the risk of graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), which is a common complication of this type of transplant.

Pluristem shines in stem cell trial for muscle injury

Israel's Pluristem Therapeutics is back in the spotlight with some positive results for its stem cell therapy in treating patients with a muscle injury, giving the biotech some good news in its up-and-down development path.

Celgene commits $3.3B in whopper cancer stem cell deal with OncoMed

Celgene helped seal its reputation as one of the boldest dealmakers in biotech today, putting up $177.25 million in an upfront fee and equity stake while committing to more than $3 billion in milestones to partner on a slate of cancer stem cell programs in development at OncoMed.

The top 10 news stories for FierceBiotech in 2013

This year's examination of our top 5 stories of the year says a lot about what works when you're creating a presence on the world wide web and how it can also deliver super-sized audiences on some odd bits of work.

Osiris exits stem cell business, sells unit to Mesoblast in $100M deal

Thursday night the biotech company offloaded the product, and its mesenchymal stem cell platform in regenerative medicine, to Australia's Mesoblast for $50 million in near-term cash and stock and up to $50 million more in milestones.

Geron unloads its stem cell coffers to BioTime in stock deal

After more than a year of not-so-secret negotiations, Geron has finally auctioned off its long-stalled embryonic stem cell pipeline, handing it over to a newly created BioTime subsidiary in exchange for shares.

Targeted T cells whip up excitement for early-stage cancer immunotherapy

Cancer-fighting T cells figure prominently in the experimental immunotherapies being developed these days. And now researchers say they have found a way to efficiently recruit a mass of these immune-system warriors in the fight against cancer and infectious diseases.

Industry Voices: A pivotal time for stem cell therapeutics, as first clinical data emerge

For the first time, we have reached the point where clinical data on stem cell therapeutics can be reported, and these early results have been promising, offering a first glimpse into the full potential of stem cell treatments.