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Latest Headlines

U.S. antidepressant use almost doubles

We all know that antidepressant use has skyrocketed in the U.S. That drug class encompasses some of the biggest-selling meds in pharma. But a new study shows just how much the market has grown: The

Antidepressants might help elderly with anxiety

A new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that the antidepressant medication, Lexapro, provides modest promise for relieving the symptoms of generalized

Study: Popular herbal remedy might rival Prozac

According to a new Cochrane review of 29 randomized, double blind studies from various countries, hypericum extracts--known commonly as St. John's wort--are superior to placebo medications. The

Drug boosts desire in women on SSRIs

One of the most prevalent side effects of antidepressants is their, well, depressing effect on the libido and sexual functioning. Could getting around that problem be as easy as popping a little blue

U.K. demands all SSRI data

Put your cards on the table, ladies and gentlemen. A U.K. minister is calling on drug companies to hand over all their data on antidepressants to the National Institute for Health and Clinical

Suicide stats fuel debate over SSRI drugs

The unintended consequences of managing SSRI drugs can be severe, according to a new federally-funded study of suicidal behavior among children. In 2003, the feds warned that the widely used