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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mundipharma licenses Spectrum's NHL treatment, picks up Japan affiliate

Mundipharma International said it has licensed Spectrum Pharmaceuticals' non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) treatment Zevalin for a broad swath of the Asia-Pacific region as well as Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Israel, according to statements from both companies.

Spectrum tanks after the FDA rejects its blood cancer drug

The FDA rejected Spectrum Pharmaceuticals' treatment for blood cancer, battering the company's market value as management promises to quickly get back on track.

Nasdaq-listed CASI flags carcinoma PhII for ENMD-2076 in China

Nasdaq-listed CASI Pharmaceuticals filed a China FDA application to conduct a Phase II clinical trial in fibrolamellar carcinoma patients for proprietary drug candidate, ENMD-2076.

Activists want Spectrum to dump its CEO and find a buyer

Hedge fund Armistice Capital has taken a 5.4% stake in Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, agitating for sweeping changes in how the biotech does business and demanding it find a buyer on the quick.

Hanmi licenses poziotinib to U.S.-based Spectrum outside of China, South Korea

Hanmi Pharmaceutical has licensed its poziotinib for treating several types of cancer to U.S.-based Spectrum Pharmaceuticals.

UPDATED: FDA gives an early OK to lymphoma drug Beleodaq

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals has won an early nod from the FDA for belinostat, a new T-cell lymphoma drug that will be sold as Beleodaq.

Spectrum grabs Talon leukemia drug in $206M deal

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals has snapped up South San Francisco-based Talon Therapeutics and its leukemia drug Marqibo for the bargain-basement price of $11.3 million and CVRs worth up to $195 million.

Spectrum picks up orphan cancer drug with stabilized delivery

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals snagged the rights to an orphan-designated, pivotal-stage cancer treatment coupled with a specialized delivery component that increases stability and solubility.

Moves to help ease drug shortages undercut Spectrum

As plant problems drained away supplies of the important generic chemo drug leucovorin a few years ago, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals got to play the hero by upping production of its own branded version, Fusilev, or levoleucovorin.

Spectrum seeks rapid approval for anticancer contender

The company plans to advance the program, which has fast-track status in the U.S., to an FDA review next year.