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Latest Headlines

Lilly's CEO keeps faith in the pipeline as biotech gets 'too expensive'

Eli Lilly is staking its future on a pair of high-stakes Phase III programs, shying away from any big biotech buyouts as sticker prices continue to soar.

In Alzheimer's, hope, hype and disappointment as biopharma goes all in on amyloid

Thanks to some recent clinical advances, physicians and scientists--convening in Washington, DC, this week for the Alzheimer's Association International Conference--have some new hope that blasting away some misshapen proteins in the brain called beta amyloids could be a path to finally reversing years of developmental futility.

UPDATED: Eli Lilly offers evidence of twice-failed solanezumab's impact on Alzheimer's

Eli Lilly says that it has evidence to show that its amyloid-busting drug solanezumab has a distinct impact on Alzheimer's disease, pointing to a delayed-start 3.5-year extension study, with a group of patients from the original placebo arm continuing to lag behind patients who started on the drug at the beginning.

Lilly and Biogen prep make-or-break Alzheimer's data amid an amyloid renaissance

Biogen and Eli Lilly, two drugmakers making big bets in Alzheimer's disease, are set to present clinical data on a pair of much-scrutinized projects with potential to change the industry's approach to the field.

Is Lilly on the verge of an Alzheimer's turnaround?

Some early-stage success for Biogen has inaugurated something of a second honeymoon for a class of investigational Alzheimer's disease treatments, and some investors believe Eli Lilly, maker of a similar therapy, could be poised to reverse its bleak fortunes in the field.

Is Eli Lilly about to start cutting its blockbuster R&D budget?

The litany of clinical trial failures for Eli Lilly's pipeline programs is likely to force the company to start carving up its R&D budget as the pharma giant enters a 7-year drought on the sales side, according to a group of analysts tracked by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

UPDATED: Baxter adds Gammagard to growing roster of PhIII Alzheimer's failures

The long and frustrating search for something--anything--that can treat Alzheimer's or blunt its symptoms ran into yet another Phase III roadblock this morning as Baxter International reported that its Phase III study of the immune-bolstering treatment Gammagard ended in failure.

FDA to Alzheimer's researchers: Time to focus on very early stage patients

There has been growing buzz among Alzheimer's researchers that they need to shift their attention to early-stage patients, whose brains are not yet severely damaged by the disease. The FDA added its voice to the move, offering a new draft guidance today aimed at shooing investigators toward a more realistic goal.

Merck CEO pledges to persist with 'good' cholesterol drug program

Even as failures in the field pile up, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier is pushing ahead with a massive development program for a drug to boost HDL or "good" cholesterol.

Alzheimer's investigators pick Lilly's sola in big prevention study

Eli Lilly's ($LLY) solanezumab has secured an endorsement from Alzheimer's researchers, who will study the experimental drug as a preventive therapy against the memory-robbing disease in patients before symptoms emerge.