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Latest Headlines

Sofinnova Partners launches a €300M biotech startup fund with a transatlantic focus

PARIS--Sofinnova Partners has reloaded its cash reserves and started to build the next wave of 15 to 20 biotechs for its portfolio. The venture group has wrapped a €300 million ($324 million) transatlantic biotech fund, easily blazing past its €250 million goal and far surpassing any of the earlier 7 funds that preceded it. Sofinnova Capital VIII brings the total amount under its management to €1.5 billion.

Sofinnova leads a $30.6M round for Asceneuron's Alzheimer's R&D

Three years ago, after Merck Serono pulled the plug on its operations in Switzerland, a team of 8 neurodegeneration specialists used the shutdown as an opportunity to start their own biotech spinout, dubbed Asceneuron. And now they've gathered a substantial $30.6 million round to fund their drive into the clinic with a new drug candidate for Alzheimer's disease.

Sofinnova Partners' purple patch continues with GSK-GlycoVaxyn deal

Sofinnova Partners has followed up the succession of IPOs by its portfolio companies with the sale of its stake in GlycoVaxyn to GlaxoSmithKline. The sale continues a busy two years for the VC shop.

With $25M in the bank, French startup sets its sights on sepsis

France's Inotrem is working up a novel approach to the global scourge of sepsis, and now, thanks to some high-profile investors, the biotech has $25 million to take its immunotherapy from the benchtop to the clinic.

Imperial spearheads $28M round for an upstart in the antibody fragment field

The British biotech has rounded up $28 million (£17.5 million) in first-round venture cash from a group of marquee investors willing to bet big that Crescendo's mouse platform can deliver the best in cutting-edge antibody fragment therapeutics.

Swiss biotech raises $50.6M to further hearing-loss drugs

Swiss biotech Auris Medical has raised $50.6 million in a series C round of financing to advance its two major therapeutics for the treatment of inner ear disorders.

Sofinnova reaps $312M for its dedicated life sciences fund

Bucking weak investor interest in the life sciences, Paris-based Sofinnova--a longtime player in biotech venture circles--has put together a $312 million fund that will be entirely dedicated to the life sciences.

New $317M biotech fund takes off at Wellcome Trust

The U.K's wealthiest charity has blueprinted big plans to back fledgling therapeutics and diagnostics companies with a brand new £200 million ($317 million) fund.

VC dollars flowing into Europe

Europe may becoming a major draw for venture capital, Xconomy reports.