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Shire CEO sees 'home turf' marketing advantage with NPS buy

Shire, which announced its deal for NPS Pharma on Sunday, is already readying itself to take on-market short bowel syndrome-fighter Gattex--launched in the U.S. in Q1 2013 and in Europe in Q3 2014--to the next level.

Shire's deal for NPS hasn't curbed its M&A appetite

Shire's M&A wheelhouse is still churning after its $5.2 billion buyout of NPS Pharmaceuticals. CEO Flemming Ornskov told Bloomberg that the Dublin-based company's recent acquisition won't prevent it from making more deals in the future--especially where rare disease drugs are concerned.

UPDATED: Shire CEO extends deal drive with $5.2B NPS Pharma buyout

Shire has snapped up NPS Pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion, in a deal aimed at beefing up its rare disease portfolio.

NPS is officially up for sale. Will deal-minded Shire bid?

After months of takeover speculation, New Jersey's NPS Pharmaceuticals is officially up for grabs. And now, all eyes are on rumored suitor Shire.

Flush-with-cash Shire revisits deal for NPS Pharma

Armed with a $1.64 billion breakup fee from former merger partner AbbVie and a brand-new $2.1 billion revolving loan facility, Shire looks ready to strike a deal. Rumor says it's revisiting some of its old targets, including New Jersey's NPS Pharmaceuticals.

Banks lost big betting on canceled AbbVie-Shire merger

The ripple effects of AbbVie's canceled Shire deal extend beyond the disgruntled hedge fund managers and spooked investors who've been making noise since the $55 billion buyout collapsed. Several large investment banks lost money, too, raising eyebrows over whether they're illegally betting their own funds.

Shire chief: We want to be like Gilead, Biogen and Celgene

On the rebound after a dalliance with AbbVie and its $55 billion red herring, Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov is back on the offensive, talking up his company's potential to rub elbows with the biggest among Big Biotech.

Shire CEO eyes $10B sales goal with more M&A deals in mind

Shire is enjoying the single life post-AbbVie breakup, touting its newly independent status and beefing up R&D. But if the company wants to beat its already ambitious sales goals, some strategic dealmaking could be on the horizon, CEO Flemming Ornskov says.

Shire says it's sitting on a $3B pipeline with M&A on tap

Shire, settling into life on its own after a failed merger with AbbVie, believes its in-development drugs can bring in a combined $3 billion in sales by 2020, sharpening its focus on rare diseases and keeping an eye out for bolt-on acquisitions.

Solo Shire moves 500 to Boston as it pushes ahead with reorg

More than 500 Pennsylvania-based Shire workers are shipping up to Boston in a move CEO Flemming Ornskov says will "streamline operations and drive further efficiencies."