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Top 10 Phase III disasters of 2014

Welcome to the hall of shame, where blockbuster drug projections go to die. This list includes some drugs that clearly should never have wound up in Phase III to begin with, a few that were steered back to the clinic in a doomed attempt to mine something positive, and a couple of notable exceptions that may have helped advance the field by exploring the outer limits of new drug technology.

Novartis' LCZ696 kindles megablockbuster projections with impressive PhIII heart data

Novartis told the world back in March that its experimental heart drug LCZ696 had delivered the goods early in a pivotal study, allowing for a quick wrap of the Phase III trial. And today the pharma giant painted in the numbers, completing the late-stage picture for a closely watched therapy that has the potential to rival the most successful drug franchises now on the market.

The EU's not impressed with Novartis' 'breakthrough' cardio drug, either

After an FDA rejection and an earlier negative opinion, Novartis' cardio treatment serelaxin has again failed to sway European regulators, and the drugmaker has resigned that its breakthrough-designated therapy will not hit any market this year.

FDA rejects Novartis' 'breakthrough' cardio drug serelaxin

The FDA rejected the heart drug serelaxin, the latest blow to a treatment Novartis hoped would be a cornerstone of a cardiovascular franchise.

On the ropes, Novartis' cardiology team declares a blockbuster PhIII knockout

The pharma giant announced that the data monitoring committee has hit the green light for any early close to the pivotal study for its new blood pressure treatment LCZ696 after investigators tracked delays in cardiovascular deaths and fewer hospitalizations resulting from heart failure in comparison to Vasotec, a generic blood pressure medicine that has been around for years.

FDA panel throws dirt on Novartis' would-be cardio blockbuster serelaxin

After a daylong session heavy on scathing criticism, a panel of FDA advisers voted unanimously against approving Novartis' in-development heart drug serelaxin, casting serious doubts on the treatment's potential.

FDA review slams Novartis's case for beleaguered heart drug serelaxin

One of Novartis's top late-stage drug prospects is in deep trouble. In advance of an upcoming advisory committee meeting, the FDA in-house review says point blank that the application for the heart drug serelaxin should be rejected as the pharma giant has yet to provide the decisive data on efficacy needed to green-light the therapy.

Can Novartis gain anything from its latest breakthrough drug win at the FDA?

Novartis has nabbed its second breakthrough drug designation from the FDA, raising the prospect that it could shave some time off the regulatory process for the heart drug serelaxin (RLX-030).

Cardioxyl Pharma reports $28M equity round with lead drug against heart failure

With a lead candidate in development for a big cardio market, Cardioxyl Pharmaceuticals has wrapped up a $28.1 million round of equity financing, according to an SEC filing this week. The disclosure follows years of work on a candidate in mid-stage development for acute decompensated heart failure.

Novartis R&D spotlights blockbuster hopefuls, promises 14 big approvals

And in a preview of its R&D showcase, the pharma giant--which spent an industry-leading $9.58 billion on R&D last year--offered a bullish assessment of a slate of experimental therapies it believes can break past the $1 billion annual revenue mark.