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Latest Headlines

Seattle Genetics scores Adcetris expansion for 'high risk' lymphoma patients

Seattle Genetics just won a boost for its lymphoma drug Adcetris. The FDA added a new indication to the drug's toolbox, for patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma at high risk of relapse after a stem-cell transplant.

Seattle Genetics conjugates with immuno-oncology upstart Unum in $645M deal

Just 8 months after gathering together a $12 million A round to get started with its own twist on adaptive T-cell technology, Cambridge, MA-based Unum Therapeutics has teamed up with Seattle Genetics in a $645 million immuno-oncology deal designed to marry some finely tuned antibody drug conjugate technology with the latest in cancer-fighting R&D.

Seattle Genetics is staffing up with eyes on a big year

Seattle Genetics is looking to recruit roughly 100 new workers throughout its operations, the company said, accelerating its pipeline of armed antibody candidates.

Top women in biotech 2014

Carving out a successful career in biopharma isn't easy, for men or women. The failure rate of experimental drugs is astronomically high. And just because a company wins an approval is no...

Genmab re-ups with Seattle Genetics on a $211M armed antibody cancer drug pact

Genmab is taking its cancer drug collaboration with Seattle Genetics one more step forward. The Danish biotech is handing over an $11 million upfront and promising up to $200 million more to get the right to use Seattle Genetics' antibody-drug conjugate technology for its HuMax-AXL program.

AbbVie amps up 'armed antibody' deal with Seattle Genetics to the tune of $255M

Whatever AbbVie  learned in the first stages of its collaboration with Seattle Genetics on antibody-drug conjugates must have seriously whetted the pharma company's appetite. AbbVie is now paying $25 million upfront and up to $255 million more in milestones for each new target they tackle in a greatly expanded partnership.

AbbVie adds a slate of $255M wagers on Seattle Genetics' 'armed' antibody cancer tech

Whatever AbbVie learned in the first stages of its collaboration with Seattle Genetics on antibody-drug conjugates must have seriously whetted the pharma company's appetite for more.

Cramer vs. Cramer: What's the next big biotech takeover target?

Now that the final wrap-up of Amgen's $10.4 billion buyout of Onyx is under way, analysts can get back to one of their favorite pastimes: Speculating on the next big biotech M&A deal that could make executives rich and investors' portfolios burst with big gains.

Bayer beefs up cancer drug pipeline with $520M armed antibody deal with Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics, which has a who's who in oncology drug development signed on as ADC collaborators, gets $20 million of that upfront with the rest in milestones.

Commentary: Biotech is a ripe field for insider-trading scandals

Bloomberg 's feature starts with the case of James Fan, the clinical programming manager at Seattle Genetics who contemplated suicide after being charged in a $200,000 insider trading case. Ultimately, Fan stepped back from the brink, but wound up in prison with an 18-month sentence and little in the way of career prospects.