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Latest Headlines

Sanofi draws a $14,600 line in the sand for Praluent payer fight

It's no surprise that Sanofi and Regeneron won FDA approval for Praluent, the PCSK9 cholesterol-fighter. But the drug's list price is another matter. At $14,600, it's almost 50% more than many analysts had estimated.

Will Genzyme's Fabry pill only steal sales from Fabrazyme? Not if it acts like Cerdelga

Sanofi's Genzyme is testing an oral drug for Fabry disease, which would go up against its own Fabrazyme if and when it hits the market. But don't worry too much about the pill cannibalizing sales. Judging by the recent success of Genzyme's new oral Gaucher treatment, the company thinks it can find a sizable piece of the Fabry pie for its new pill when the time comes.

Sanofi Pasteur drafts Bollywood star to talk up flu shots in India

For celebrity campaigns in the U.S., pharma often goes to Hollywood. In India, it's Bollywood--and Sanofi Pasteur is doing just that. The Sanofi vaccines venture tapped popular actor and director Farhan Akhtar to launch its latest flu immunization push in the country.

UPDATED: Amgen beats Regeneron, Sanofi to world's first big PCSK9 drug OK

Amgen may be running a beat or two behind Regeneron and Sanofi in search of the first FDA approval for a PCSK9 drug, but the Big Biotech scooped up the very first approval in Europe today for Repatha (evolocumab), giving the company boasting rights as first mover in what is widely seen as a new blockbuster market in the making.

Sanofi carves up its org chart to deliver on a $38B pipeline promise

Sanofi, adjusting to life under new leadership, is planning to split up its business into 5 standalone segments, a move CEO Olivier Brandicourt said will help the company follow through on its promise to launch 18 new drugs over the next 5 years.

Sanofi cozies up to top-tier labs with new R&D partnering effort

Sanofi has widened its R&D net, recruiting 7 of the U.S.'s most-respected research institutions in hopes of ferreting out some new ideas in early-stage drug development.

Sanofi advances a one-shot malaria program as drug resistance spreads

Sanofi has re-upped with its partners at Medicines for Malaria Venture in hopes of developing a single-dose treatment for the infectious disease, advancing a pair of candidates through mid-stage development.

UPDATED: Sanofi, Regeneron break out the popcorn for cholesterol-fighting, PCSK9-friendly documentary

You can't accuse Sanofi and Regeneron of slacking. Partners on the forthcoming cholesterol fighter, Praluent, the drugmakers have been laying an awareness foundation for months. A cholesterol-testing campaign, a patient-awareness poll, advocacy partnerships--and now, a documentary.

Stormy Australia hearings on transfer pricing by drug firms invoke Sergeant Schultz

Multinational drug firms in Australia faced a string of barbs in hearings held by a Senate panel into transfer pricing that included a reference to a fictitious German World War II prison camp guard.

Sanofi-Aventis to see slew of Plavix generics join Japan NHI reimbursement list

Japan's National Health Insurance (NHI) has confirmed that a slew of generic versions of Sanofi's Plavix will join the reimbursement list after the latest review, a move tipped by the company in its first-quarter earnings call as well.