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Latest Headlines

Merck keeps the checkbook open after its $3.9B Idenix deal

Fresh off signing a blockbuster deal for hepatitis C drug developer Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Merck R&D chief Roger Perlmutter said his company won't shy away from buying big into biotech, provided there are promising medicines at stake.

Science pays: 2013's 10 best-compensated R&D chiefs in biopharma

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Analysts cheer on Merck's comeback campaign, pumping up blockbuster forecasts

Even in the world of Big Pharma, where pipelines of a dozen or more late-stage drugs are common, a couple of blockbuster-sized experimental programs can make a huge difference for the forward-looking analysts who cover these companies. Let's use Merck as an example.

Merck's fast and furious MK-3475 immunotherapy team guns for a quick approval

Roger Perlmutter has made no secret of the fact that he plans to rapidly execute on the pharma giant's closely watched PD-1 cancer program for MK-3475. The new R&D chief at Merck has carved out the resources and the team needed to put the drug on the shortest path possible to the FDA.

UPDATED: Merck to slash 8,500 more jobs in $2.5B global overhaul

The cuts come soon after Merck squeezed out its previous R&D chief to bring on Roger Perlmutter, who previously held that job at Amgen--and amid major sales losses to generic competition.

UPDATED: Struggling Merck slashing 8,500 jobs in major R&D, commercial reorganization

The pharma giant said that it will reorganize its R&D and commercial operations to narrow and sharpen its development focus and carve out $2.5 billion in annual expenses, eliminating a total of about 20% of its 81,000 staff jobs when these new cuts are added to existing restructuring plans.

Top 15 highest paid biopharma R&D chiefs

Being an R&D chief at a major biopharma company in today's environment of major research cutbacks, patent expirations and pressure from investors to speed new drugs to market is no easy...

Merck's Perlmutter shares plans for R&D reboot, likes and dislikes

Perlmutter has granted a few interviews this month with journalists and analysts, providing some clarity on how the immunologist plans to reshape how Merck prioritizes research of new medicines.

Merck laterals cancer drug to hungry AstraZeneca, focuses on star programs

In the deal AstraZeneca is paying Merck $50 million upfront and a slate of undisclosed milestones to bring in MK-1775, a WEE1 inhibitor that Merck took up because of its potential to spur repeated cell division, offering a new way to destroy cancer cells.

Amgen soars after bagging Onyx Pharma in $10.4B buyout deal

Amgen was the first company to make it to the auction block for Onyx Pharmaceuticals. And in the end, it was the only serious bidder left at the table.