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Latest Headlines

Controversial resveratrol triggers new headlines--this time for Alzheimer's

Georgetown's Dr. R. Scott Turner tested a therapeutic grade formulation of resveratrol in Alzheimer's patients, looking at two suspected biomarkers for the disease, the soluble proteins amyloid beta 42 and Abeta 40. Abeta 40 levels remained level among the group getting purified resveratrol, while the control group registered telltale declines as their dementia worsened.

Chemical in red wine kills cancer cells even after it's metabolized

A chemical in red wine has long been thought to have heart health benefits, and now scientists believe that same chemical may have the ability to fight cancer.

Sirtris co-founder fires back against resveratrol critics

David Sinclair and his allies believe he has scored a major victory in the controversial--and complex--field of anti-aging science. With a new research paper, the Harvard genetics professor shows how the red wine chemical resveratrol and other compounds directly activate an enzyme called SIRT1, an activity on the target that has been hotly contested.

Resveratrol boosts metabolic function in human study

There's a fresh batch of data on the anti-aging chemical resveratrol for scientists to puzzle over. In an 11-person, double-blind study, researchers in the Netherlands and Switzerland found that some

Upstart Verastem challenges Wall Street with puzzling $50M IPO

Just a few months ago Christoph Westphal's new biotech, Verastem, raised a hefty $32 million Series B round based on the promise of the developer's cancer stem cell technology and a trio of noted

GSK-owned Sirtris drug extends lives of obese mice

After biotech Sirtris' anti-aging science took a shelling in recent years, one of the firm's drugs that mimics the red wine chemical resveratrol showed in a new study that it could extend the average

Danes begin biggest-ever resveratrol study

Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine that's thought to increase longevity, has long been a darling of those who promote so-called "natural" health products--not to mention those who follow

Weak efficacy, renal risks force GSK to dump a resveratrol program

GlaxoSmithKline is dumping its program for SRT501, a special formulation of resveratrol which the pharma company scooped up in the $720 million buyout of Sirtris in 2008. GSK suspended a Phase IIa

GSK orders Sirtris execs to stop selling resveratrol

GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK) has ordered two Sirtris executives--Christoph Westphal and Michelle Dipp--to stop selling a resveratrol dietary supplement based on the drug the two companies have in

Glaxo spurns new research raising doubts about resveratrol

Over the past few years resveratrol has emerged as one of the most closely-tracked development programs in biotechnology. GlaxoSmithKline paid $720 million to buy Sirtris Pharmaceuticals back in 2007