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Latest Headlines

Human stem cells can be 'reset' to their earliest state

European and Japanese scientists have figured out how to "reset" human pluripotent stem cells, turning back the clock on cells so that they revert to their original state at the height of their development potential.

J&J pours another $20M into ViaCyte and sizes up its diabetes treatment

Johnson & Johnson has deepened its ties to regenerative medicine outfit ViaCyte, handing the biotech $20 million in exchange for a future stake in the company and the right to acquire its in-development diabetes medication.

Olympus is selling the OP-1 plant it bought from Stryker 4 years ago

In 2010, Olympus bought Stryker's troubled OP-1 putty for $60 million, hoping to expand its market. Now, the Japanese maker of medical devices and cameras says it's selling the Lebanon, NH, plant where the putty is made at a bargain price--and if it can't make a deal it will close the facility.

Wall Street cools to CryoLife's new guidance

Investors turned a cold shoulder to CryoLife Thursday after the Atlanta med tech and tissue processing company posted new guidance short of what Wall Street analysts had predicted.

Shire has a partially built plant for sale after unloading Dermagraft

Shire announced Friday it was selling the diabetic foot ulcer treatment to Canton, MA-based Organogenesis, which is not paying anything up front but could pay Shire up to $300 million if it meets sales targets up to 2018. With the deal, Organogenesis, which has its own foot ulcer product, gets the company's current 115,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in La Jolla, CA, but not the new facility.

Shire takes an L on Dermagraft, unloads it to Organogenesis

Shire's once-promising foray into regenerative medicine has largely been a bust, and now the Irish company is handing its costly Dermagraft program to Organogenesis in exchange for little but milestone payments.

Organogenesis slashes its R&D staff as Medicare preps a big price cut

The regenerative medicine company Organogenesis is slashing jobs as part of its company-wide reorganization in the face of Medicare's decision to cut what it's paying for its wound-healing medicine Apligraf. 

Australian PM unveils $250M fund to back regenerative med effort

You can now count the Australian government as a major supporter of regenerative medicine research. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has unveiled a $250 million public/private fund to back new work in the field, taking a stake in early-stage labor that will take years--and years--to pay off.

U.K.'s ReNeuron basks in limelight surrounding Sir Chris Evans

Few people in the U.K.'s biotech industry have as much influence as Chris Evans. That influence was on full display this week after the high-flying investor took a personal, million-dollar stake in the regenerative medicine company ReNeuron, which is being refinanced and moved to Wales as part of a Welsh government effort to build a biotech hub in the region.

Gene repair technique could have various therapeutic uses

Scientists may have unlocked a way to therapeutically correct genetic defects by using a new technique that targets and repairs defective genes.