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Is Medicare wasting $220M a year on Questcor's controversial Acthar?

Since Ireland's Mallinckrodt agreed in April to acquire the California-based biotech Questcor, questions have been flying about the major asset behind that deal: Acthar Gel. Now some medical experts suggest Medicare is paying way too much for Acthar.

Questcor comes clean on adverse effects of beleaguered drug Acthar

Questcor is disclosing that its immune-system drug Acthar may pose more risks than it had let on. An SEC filing from Thursday reported that 14% of prescriptions written for the drug in 2013 resulted in adverse side effects, up from 9.1% in 2011.

Questcor, short sellers trade attacks

Drugmaker Questcor has run into questions--sometimes from regulators--about sales and marketing for its high-priced drug for autoimmune disorders, H.P. Acthar Gel. And every step of the way, short seller Citron Research has been there to trumpet those mishaps.

Raised eyebrows at patient charity spotlight copay assistance debate

A patient-assistance charity is under scrutiny for potential favoritism toward one of its drugmaker sponsors--and that, in turn, is spawning new criticism of pharma's copay assistance programs.

With $135M rights deal, Questcor locks up rival to its pricey Acthar drug

Questcor Pharmaceuticals has snapped up the rights to a Novartis drug that could have challenged its H.P. Acthar Gel product, which brought in $509 million last year, elbowing aside a startup company that wanted to roll out the Acthar rival at a price far, far lower than Questcor's.

Questcor stock reels as feds eye Acthar marketing

As if last week's reimbursement blow to Questcor Pharmaceuticals wasn't enough, the company today disclosed that the U.S. government is investigating its marketing practices. The stock dropped by 27%, on top of a 40% decline last week.

Aetna all but drops Questcor's Acthar drug; shares plummet

Easy come, easy go? Questcor Pharmaceuticals ($QCOR) got a big boost yesterday after an Oppenheimer analyst raised his price target on the stock, citing Medicaid rebate changes that could boost sales of its Acthar drug by almost $100 million next year. Today, Aetna all but dropped its coverage of Acthar--and the stock plummeted.

Questcor's looming Medicaid rebate liability

Later this year, Questcor will be hit by a wave of new Medicaid rebate claims on its pricey drug Acthar as managed-care plans take advantage of a rebate provision tucked into the federal healthcare

Four drugs look to pass FDA muster this month

Brian Orelli of The Motley Fool highlights four drugs--AstraZeneca's Brilinta, Questcor's Acthar Gel, Savient's Krystexxa and Novartis' Gilenia--that could gain FDA approval this month despite some

Stealth biotech picks up Questcor drug program

Xconomy has been digging into the regulatory paperwork to find out more about Evoke Pharma, a San Diego-based developer that's been operating in stealth mode. A quarterly report from Questcor shows