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Latest Headlines

Gelesis gets $22M to advance stomach-filling hydrogel capsules to treat obesity

Gelesis has raised $22 million to support an ongoing 6-month trial of its first-generation weight loss capsule, Gelesis100. The company recently started the study to assess its impact on body weight and glycemic control. This data could be sufficient to gain a CE mark, the company expects.

Viehbacher wades into the startup world, joining PureTech in his first post-Sanofi move

Months after a bitter exit from the top spot at Sanofi, Christopher Viehbacher is back out in public, joining Boston startup factory PureTech to help steer its portfolio of fledgling companies.

PureTech reels in $55M to fund new biotech bets

Biotech startup machine PureTech has raised a $55 million round to fund the next stage of its evolution, recruiting some big thinkers to help it advance its stable of ventures and develop new technologies.

Gelesis brings in $12M to advance its obesity pill

Boston startup Gelesis has picked up $12 million in venture funding, cash that'll support its novel approach to obesity treatment: a pill that disperses expanding particles in the gut to make patients feel full.

Hair-raising lab story garners headlines on potential cure for balding

George Cotsarelis, a dermatologist at the University of Pennsylvania and a scientific co-founder of a Boston-based biotech, is back in the news with a hair-raising piece on a potential drug breakthrough. And Cotsarelis says he's already started talks with pharma companies interested in the commercial aspects of his work.

ADHD-treating video game to chart FDA approval path

Akili Interactive Labs has developed a video game it says can treat ADHD. Now for the tricky part: getting FDA approval.

Bugs living in humans breed biotech startups

Humans harbor more than 10,000 microbes that number in the trillions, and sequencing the genomes of the species promises to unlock a wealth of data for biotech entrepreneurs to use in search of new drugs and diagnostics. Now companies have a baseline case for what the sum of microbes in healthy humans should look like.

Akili envisions video game as therapeutic device

A Boston and San Francisco-based startup--the year-old Akili Interactive Labs--has formed with the idea of using video games as cognitive therapy, Xconomy reports.

Obesity field gets boost with $6.2M round for Gelesis

This is a bit of good news for the beleaguered obesity treatment field. Boston-based biotech Gelesis has increased its latest round of financing to $6.2 million and won a $1.3 million grant from the

Former Pfizer R&D exec jumps into VC game

John LaMattina, Pfizer's former R&D chief, has made the leap into the venture field, joining PureTech Ventures as a senior partner. After putting in 30 years at the drug giant, LaMattina retired