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Latest Headlines

Sanofi, Protein Sciences win flu jab nods in older adults

A couple of flu vaccine makers have new patient populations to target, thanks to a pair of recent FDA approvals in older adults.

Protein Sciences nabs stake in diabetes vax developer Diamyd

With its candidate diabetes vaccine in Phase II combo studies, Diamyd Medical is seeing some new investment--including a bumped-up agreement with longtime partner Protein Sciences.

Astellas and Takeda continue to advance vaccine strategies

Astellas presented summary results from Phase III trials of the Protein Sciences' flu shot it plans to commercialize in Japan. Separately, Takeda signed a deal to begin selling a freeze-dried live attenuated chickenpox vaccine in Japan.

Protein Sciences calls on Connecticut to buy its flu vaccine

The Connecticut-based biotech won approval for its flu vaccine last year but it faces competition from GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi and the other established giants of the market.

Protein Sciences plans for battle with vaccine giants

After winning FDA approval for its influenza vaccine in January, Protein Sciences was faced with a problem: how to wrest market share from competitors. The task is complicated by the fact that, as yet, there is little evidence to show it is more effective than rivals.

Universal flu vaccine still 5 to 10 years away

Though the United States has made significant progress in the realm of flu vaccines, the country will likely need to wait 5 to 10 years for a universal shot, top federal health officials said.

Heightened flu season turns focus on vaccine advancements

A heightened flu season and a spate of newly approved influenza vaccines have experts wondering what else they can do to mitigate or prevent the seasonal illness. Next up: A universal flu vaccine administered every 5 to 10 years to fight multiple virus strains and eradicate the need for annual shots.

FDA green-lights a flu vaccine made with new technology

Five years after little Protein Sciences first went to the FDA in search of an approval of its innovative flu vaccine, regulators have finally agreed to hit the green light to permit the biotech to start marketing the jab.

Protein Sciences nabs Flublok approval

A little more than a month after taking over vacated manufacturing space in New York from Pfizer, Protein Sciences won regulatory approval from the FDA for a new type of flu vaccine.

Protein Sciences expands flu vaccine operations to Pfizer site

Protein Sciences will lease two buildings at Pfizer's Pearl River, NY, site to create a production line for its recombinant influenza vaccine Flublok.