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A look back, and forward

This past year has held some pleasant surprises for me. I was particularly intrigued by the Plexxikon buyout for $935 million, the bulk of it upfront. In a sane world, Plexxikon--which developed the

Plexxikon's Hirth offers a "small" solution to Big Pharma's R&D woes

Over the years Peter Hirth has gradually perfected his smaller-is-better approach to developing new drugs. As president of Sugen he played a big role in creating Sutent before selling the company.

Roche's vemurafenib plays a starring role at ASCO

Vemurafenib, the experimental melanoma drug advanced by Plexxikon and now spearheaded by Roche, emerged as the clear star of ASCO over the weekend. Cancer experts were cheered by the news that 84

Genomics companies finally bear fruit

Daiichi Sankyo paid almost a billion dollars last month to get its hands on Plexxicon's PLX4032, a melanoma drug that turns off a signal that tells cells to divide. Plexxicon discovered the drug

Daiichi Sankyo nabs tiny Plexxikon in $935M deal

In another sign that cutting-edge biotechs with a hot prospect or two in the pipeline are able to forge rich buyout deals, Daiichi Sankyo says it will pay $805 million upfront and up to $130 million

Roche, Plexxikon melanoma drug extends patients' lives

Roche and partner Plexxikon have reported a rare success in the challenging field of melanoma. Closely-watched drug PLX4032 extended the lives of subjects with metastatic melanoma in a Phase III

Plexxikon, Roche melanoma drug shows promise in trial

Data from a study showed the BRAF inhibitor RG7204 (PLX-4032), which was developed by 2010 Fierce 15 winner Plexxikon and being studied by Genentech ($DNA), shrank tumors in more than half of people

PLX4032 inspires fierce debate over cancer trial designs

Plexxikon's PLX4032 has been the subject of tremendous buzz after the biotech unveiled startling efficacy data from a small trial of lethal melanoma cases. Now its pivotal study is triggering a loud

Roche melanoma drug registers striking results

An experimental personalized cancer therapy from Roche and Plexxikon registered striking results in a recent clinical study, shrinking the tumors in a majority of metastatic melanoma patients who

The roller coaster ride of melanoma drug development

This week, the New York Times is tracing the Phase I testing of a novel melanoma drug being developed by Plexxikon and Roche. The paper says to chronicle the three years of PLX4032 testing "is to