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Latest Headlines

Bristol-Myers Squibb gets a boost for leukemia drug Sprycel

A labeling addition approved by the FDA Thursday for Bristol-Myers Squibb's leukemia drug Sprycel can only help to make up for the $4.5 billion in lost revenues since the blood thinner Plavix went off patent last year.

Sanofi plant in London set to close by end of month

A Sanofi plant in London that has been slated for closure has manufactured its last batch of drugs. Its equipment will be pulled out and moved to plants in Germany and Italy, and most of its 450 workers are set to lose their jobs by the end of the month.

Sanofi balks on jobs promises at R&D site in Toulouse

Sanofi can't shake the underproductive R&D site in Toulouse, France, without a fight from workers and French government officials. In the latest chapter of the ongoing feud, the Paris-based drug giant and a familiar critic in France's government show how far apart they stand on the fate of the research operation that brought the world the blood-thinner

France slaps Sanofi with $53M fine for 'disparaging' Plavix generics

The drugmaker has been fined by the French Competition Authority for "disparaging" generic copies of its now-off-patent bloodthinner, Plavix.

Sanofi sales, profits fall short, but CEO sticks to growth promises

WIth Sanofi riding the tail end of the latest earnings wave, its sales and profits shortfall feels like more of the same. It hasn't been a good quarter for Big Pharma, and Sanofi's results fall right in line with the rest. Its 5.3% sales drop was less severe than most, while its profits suffered a bit more, with a 34% decline.

New Bristol-Myers drug growth cushions plummeting Plavix sales

Bristol-Myers Squibb's first-quarter earnings dropped 44%, on a 27% decline in sales. Fortunately, the $3.83 billion revenue line was only slightly worse than analysts expected, given generic competition for blockbuster heart drugs Avapro and Plavix.

DoJ probes Sanofi disclosures on Plavix effectiveness

It's common knowledge now that the Plavix blood thinner is less effective in certain patients. But when did Sanofi know that its star drug didn't work so well in those people? Did the French drugmaker properly disclose any and all of its knowledge on the subject to FDA?

Medicines Co.'s blood thinner finally reaps positive results in third PhIII

If at first you don't succeed in Phase III, try, try again. Only enroll lots more patients and improve the trial design. That was The Medicines Company's strategy when it opted to pay for a third pivotal study of the blood thinner cangrelor.

Bristol-Myers loses Baraclude patent fight with Teva

A U.S. court has struck Baraclude from the patent list. The Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) hepatitis B drug saw its composition of matter patent invalidated in a court fight with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries ($TEVA), which wants to sell its own version.

Patent Cliff II: Nightmare on blockbuster street returns in 2015

Today's look at AstraZeneca's ($AZN) bleak 2012 numbers highlights the market-crunching wallop many of the world's biggest pharma companies have suffered as megablockbusters like Plavix and Singulair have gone off patent. But a new analysis from EvaluatePharma concludes that the industry giants will have almost as much at stake again when the 2015 patent cliff arrives.