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Latest Headlines

Gilead profits surge 63%, but not where Wall Street expected

Gilead Sciences was in a position to say, "I told you so," when its first quarter earnings fell a little short of Wall Street expectations Thursday. Profits were still up 63% even as sales of older HIV drugs came in shy of forecasts.

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Biotech Chimerix reveals ex-Pharmasset recruit after unveiling $85M IPO plan

As the biotech advances its lead antiviral drug to Phase III development, Chimerix has tapped a veteran of one of the most high-profile pharma R&D programs in the world.

Top Biopharma M&A Deals- 2012

From a strictly numbers point of view, last year's results are pretty obvious. As the accompanying chart indicates, 2012 was the slowest in 5 years in terms of both number of deals and dollars on the table. To Christian Dokomajilar, manager and senior biotech analyst at Deloitte Recap, that actually bodes well for 2013. Read the report >>

Report: Bristol exec nabbed on insider trading charge

Bristol-Myers Squibb was having a very bad day today. As its stock was falling in the wake of the news that its $2.5 billion hep C drug may not be worth $2.50, one of its executives was charged with insider trading ahead of three key acquisitions, according to a report from Bloomberg.

J&J and Bristol-Myers ally on another potential hep C blockbuster

The two research powerhouses will conduct a drug-drug interaction study.

Fresh woes for Gilead as two more hep C patients relapse in small 7977 study

The news that two more hepatitis C patients had relapsed after they stopping taking an experimental medication in a tiny study wouldn't normally be the cause for considerable angst in the biotech...

UPDATED: Gilead disappoints with relapse data in oral Hep C study

Thorny data now threaten what some industry commentators have called a market bubble for all-oral regimens against hepatitis C. Gilead Sciences ($GILD) revealed that certain patients who had not...

Hep C drug deal frenzy can't be slowed by growing doubts

At the BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York yesterday, Achillion CEO Michael Kishbauch wrapped up his remarks on the biotech's hepatitis C programs by making it clear that he was angling for

Gilead shares surge as hep C drug scores a cure for big patient population

Gilead Sciences ($GILD) received its first bonus from the monster $10.8 billion deal to acquire Pharmasset ($VRUS) after CSO Norbert Bischofberger told analysts yesterday evening that PSI-7977