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Latest Headlines

Amgen pads its PCSK9 lead with latest data on a potential blockbuster

Amgen's in-development cardio drug came through in two more late-stage trials, significantly lowering bad cholesterol in patients with genetic disorders that put them at serious risk.

Payers fret about the next drug doomsday: Pricey PCSK9 cholesterol meds

Pharmacy benefits managers say they're just as worried--perhaps even more so--by a coming class of cholesterol drugs known as PCSK9 inhibitors as they are about the new crop of hepatitis C treatments.

Tomorrow's cardio blockbusters: Inside 'the next big leap' in controlling cholesterol

Thanks to genomic sequencing, some heart-healthy mutants and billions of dollars spent on R&D, rival drug developers are bearing down on a promising new way of treating the scourge of high cholesterol. And with the first FDA applications likely coming in the next year, the nascent field's trailblazers are vying for the top spot with blockbuster aspirations.

Amgen's PCSK9 drug slashes 'bad' cholesterol in PhIII, stoking blockbuster hopes

Amgen widened its lead among competing drugmakers in a promising new field of cardio treatments on the strength of late-stage results in which its in-development drug lowered LDL cholesterol by as much as 75%.

Pfizer says PCSK9 study was a winner, boosting its chances in hectic R&D race

Pfizer says the Phase IIb study for its closely-watched PCSK9 cholesterol drug bococizumab (RN316) scored the primary endpoint on all doses, which should help steer a massive Phase III program that started out last fall with 22,000 patients.

Amgen goes 6-for-6 in Phase III, leading the race for a new cardio blockbuster

Amgen's promising cardio drug aced its 6th late-stage study, the company said, beating out statins in patients with a cholesterol-boosting genetic disorder and widening the drugmaker's lead in a potentially lucrative new field.

UPDATED: Regeneron, Sanofi and Amgen shares suffer on FDA's frets about PCSK9 class

Some of the leaders in the frenzied late-stage race to develop a PCSK9 drug watched their stock prices stumble on Friday afternoon as word of the FDA's concern about potential neurocognitive side effects in the cholesterol drug class ripped through Twitter.

Amgen outpaces its rivals in the race for a PCSK9 blockbuster

Amgen is batting 1.000 in its ambitious clinical program for the promising PCSK9 cholesterol drug evolocumab (AMG-145), unveiling a 5th successful Phase III study as it prepares for an FDA application that could give it first-mover status in a blockbuster field.

Amgen extends PhIII sweep with more promising results for PCSK9 drug

Amgen marched through yet another Phase III study for the closely watched PCSK9 cholesterol drug evolocumab (AMG-145), racking up more promising data for one of the biggest late-stage programs in the business.

Amgen notches another PhIII win for its PCSK9 blockbuster hopeful

Amgen's promising PCSK9 candidate cleared another Phase III hurdle, this time in statin-intolerant patients, as the company piles up positive data with hopes of taking the lion's share of what could be a multibillion-dollar market.