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Latest Headlines

Pfizer on track to chop R&D budget back to $6.5B-$7B range

Pfizer may be a bit behind schedule, but it's on track to hack its R&D budget to the $6.5-billion-to-$7-billion target laid out in a radical restructuring plan.

UPDATED: Biopharma lobby members pumped $49.5B into R&D

As the pharma industry rethinks the way it brings new drugs to market, drugmakers around the world haven't backed down from their multibillion-dollar research budgets.

NYT: Big Pharma hits the panic button as new programs fail to deliver

This year alone Big Pharma is staring at a loss of patent protection on drugs that bring in $50 billion a year. And the patent cliff has arrived at a time R&D divisions are failing at the task of

Biopharma execs predict a big spike in M&A deals

Marks & Clerk polled a broad segment of executives in the global biopharma industry and tapped into a strong belief that the pharma industry's looming patent cliff will drive a big round of

Big Pharma tries to think like a biotech while reengineering R&D

Big Pharma companies know all too well that they have a big development problem. As Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter has said: "We're taking too long, spending too much and producing far too little.

AstraZeneca outlines pricey licensing strategy

AstraZeneca faces a critical challenge in gaining new approvals ahead of the patent cliff that's looming for some of its biggest revenue generators. And AZ's business development chief tells

Despite downturn, Biopharmas boost R&D spending

Since Q4 2007, research spending in the U.S. has dropped 4 percent--or $1.9 billion. But report in BusinessWeek today lists 25 major U.S. corporations that, despite the economic downturn, have